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“This is a fight for the basic freedoms of all consumers and developers” – Tim Sweeney on the conflict with Apple and Google



Epic Games explained why removing Fortnite from the App Store is causing" irreparable damage " to the Studio

On his Twitter account, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney spoke about the company’s motives for confronting Apple and Google. It is based on the freedom to distribute applications on smartphones, he said.

At the most basic level, we are fighting for the freedom of people who have bought smartphones to install applications from any source; for the freedom of the authors of applications to distribute them and for the freedom of the two groups to directly conduct business.

Sweeney has reached out to those who say that smartphone makers can do whatever they want with their platforms – a disgusting proposition, according to the head of Epic Games. “We all have rights and we must fight to protect them from any encroachment. Even if you have to fight a beloved company like Apple, ”writes Sweeney.

The head of Epic also spoke out against opponents of the FreeFortnite movement, claiming that this is simply “a fight of the one-billion-dollar company with another trillion-dollar company for money.” He reiterated that Epic is not fighting for special conditions for itself, but for “basic freedoms for all consumers and developers.”

Finally, there is nothing wrong with fighting for money. You work hard to earn them. When you spend it, the distribution decides whether your money goes to the game’s creators or to a middleman who uses power to divide gamers and developers

On August 13, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google. This happened after Fortnite added the ability to buy premium currency bypassing Google Play and the App Store, and the game was removed from these stores. Epic has criticized platform holders, calling them monopolists and saying the 30% commission they charge on every transaction is unfair.

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