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This theory explains how a second seaplane could fit into Animal Crossing: New Horizons



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The much anticipated March update 1.8 for Animal Crossing New Horizons has finally arrived. This patch will finally introduce the exciting collaboration with mega-successful franchise Mario. Islanders will get a chance to see the island decorated with exciting festival items and also Mario’s theme areas.

Not only that, but this update has also brought interesting new changes to the island that will surely grab you by surprise. So let’s take a look at every single change the recent update has introduced to the Animal Crossing island.

Well, today we’re going to discuss a theory about the arrival of a second seaplane.

In the short video(in the Spanish language) below, Cobayasgamer presents an interesting theory about the arrival of a second seaplane. This comes from a conversation Isabelle has where she mentions as one of the suggestions for the island that there are people who would love a second seaplane.

Following this, Cobayasgamer shares how a second seaplane could arrive at the dock and take us to different mysterious islands or even an island in the style of New Leaf’s Tortimer’s Island, but with another character as the main character, perhaps as the Captain. We leave you with the video, where she outlines this theory:

What did you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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