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Pokémon GO begins to test a new function related to the hatching of Eggs



Here we bring an interesting message related to one of the most prominent games in the mobile market. We are talking about this case of Pokémon GO.

In the text that we leave you below, Niantic informs us of a function that they are testing among some trainers. They can see what Pokémon can come out of each Egg they have so that if they click on that Egg, the list of Pokémon that can hatch from it and in rarity level is displayed. Of course, however, they don’t show whether they can come out shiny.

Trainers, we are pleased to share that we are beginning to run tests where a limited number of Trainers will be able to see which Pokémon can hatch from their inventory. Trainers included in the test will be able to tap on an egg to see a list of possible Pokémon and their rarity level. Note that this will not show if the Pokémon can be Shiny.

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