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To play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a fan built his own Switch using replacement parts



To play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a fan built his own Switch using replacement parts

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is being used to communicate. The employees of the companies are chatting playing this life simulation game. How lucky they are because they have got a chance to play New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, Some fans of Animal Crossing are striving to buy the Switch. Because its hard to find the Switch at most retailers.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

You are going to know about some people who desired to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch but they failed to buy. After a long struggle, they got the Switch. It will be surprising to know that they did not order on Amazon, BestBuy, etc. They built the Nintendo Switch themselves.

Nintendo Switch made for Animal Crossing

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

A fan of Nintendo Switch, Sarbaaz37 by name has shared a detailed post with pictures documenting not only all the parts required for a build like this but also their cost and the complex process of assembling a Nintendo Switch from scratch. To be clear, this isn’t a project for an amateur who’s just desperate to play Animal Crossing. Sourcing the parts is the first complicated step, which Sarbaaz37 estimates took a little over a month, followed by the build itself, which requires some real expertise in electronics.

He said

After playing New Horizons and hyping it up to my friends, they decided they wanted a Switch. They called around to different retailers every day for a week with no luck finding anyone who had one in stock. No one knew when the next shipment would be. This led to an online search like Craigslist, OfferUp, and Ebay.

      Unfortunately everyone knows the rest. Upwards of $ 450 to $ 600 in the Seattle area for a used Switch. Some with and without all the accessories. This enraged me to the point of telling them I could build one cheaper out of spare parts. So they hired me to do just that

Furthermore, he told us how he built and what he used to build the Nintendo Switch.

If anyone is interested in doing the same here is my step by step buying guide along with assembly instructions and a pricing guide.

  • Game Cartridge Card Slot Socket Board w/Headphones Port – $15
  • NS Console Micro SD TF Memory Card Slot Port Socket Reader – $5
  • Nintendo Switch HAC-001 CPU Cooling Heatsink – $7
  • Game Cartridge Card Plastic Cover – $1
  • Console Speaker Replacement Parts For Nintendo Switch Built-in speaker – $8
  • Wifi Antenna Connecting Cable (Short) $2
  • Wifi Antenna Connecting Cable (Long) $2
  • Internal Cooling Fan – $3
  • Power & Volume Button control flex cable (w/ buttons and rubber conductor) – $4
  • Side Slider Sliding Rail Flex Cable (Left) – $3
  • Side Slider Sliding Rail Flex Cable (Right) – $3
  • Replacement Top Housing Shell Case Faceplate -$6
  • Nintendo Switch Console Replacement Battery (New) – $15
  • Replacement Bottom Housing Shell Transparent Case Faceplate -$5
  • Touch Screen Digitizer Adhesive – $0.50
  • Touch Screen Digitizer – $9
  • LCD Display Screen Replacement – $12
  • Shield Plate – $2
  • Iron Middle Frame – $6
  • (Not Pictured Here) – Full Screw Replacement Set – $2
  • (Not Pictured Here) – (Removal of Copper Sicker on CPU)

Grand Total For Used Parts Build: = $199
eBay Average Price Jan 2020: = (between $175 and $225)
Ebay Average Price April 2020: = (between $300 and $400).

If you’re also struggling to find Nintendo Switch, then we have good news for you. As reported by Nintendo, the Switch will be back in stock soon.

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