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Catherine: Full Body Will Have Brand-New Content On The Switch



Catherine: Full Body Will Have Brand-New Content On The Switch

Catherine just got a remaster, with last year’s lovely Full Body release. While it would be easy for Atlus to just slap that puppy on the Switch, then call it a day, they’ve gone the extra mile. That’s right – in a move that’ll probably make somebody, somewhere upset, the divisive game’s Nintendo debut will have exclusive content.

Granted, it doesn’t seem to be all that extensive. The Switch release will see the addition of three new “ideal voices.” For those who don’t know, the “ideal voices” were a weird feature in Full Body that let you change Catherine’s voice actress out for a different one. There were numerous prominent Japanese VAs who took up the mantle – nine in total, in fact. These three will be added to that total, which leaves players with twelve different options for how Catherine sounds.

We don’t have any word yet on whether or not these will come to the PS4 as DLC or not, so at the moment, it’s safe to say these are Switch exclusives. Honestly, it’s a bit of a weird thing to tie to exclusivity. One has to wonder how those recording sessions looked. “Hey, we want you to voice this character nine other people already have, and only for an alternate audio track for a Switch port of a re-release of a decade-old game. Cool?”

Wild stuff, to be sure.

In any case, this is the first we’ve heard of any new content for Catherine: Full Body on the Switch. With this being Atlus’ first major Switch release in the West and all, you’d think they’d go a little more all-out, but here we are. If you want to see more of their stuff on the platform, it’s safe to say you’ll probably want to show your support for this.

Also, any excuse to play Catherine and see Erica again is a good one, honestly.

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