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How to get the ocarina and recorder in Animal Crossing New Horizons



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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons we will be able to craft different useful tools and objects but also others that only serve to have fun and fill our island with a little music. This is the case of the ocarina and the recorder, two clay and bamboo instruments that we can easily create on a workbench if we have the recipe and the necessary ingredients to do it.

How to get the ocarina and the recorder

The first thing to keep in mind is that the recipes to build these two instruments will arrive randomly through gift balloons or bottles with recipes inside that will appear from time to time to our beaches. Therefore, it is not a recipe that we can buy directly like the slingshot, for example. What we can do is ask a friend who has the recipe to create one of these instruments for us. As for its usefulness, they only serve to create music when we blow into it and so we can have fun playing different musical notes in a simple way.

Here are the ingredients you need to build each of these instruments and remember that you need to have the recipe previously to be able to craft them on a workbench:

  • Ocarina: 5 clay balls
  • Recorder: 7 stems of spring bamboo

To get the clay we simply have to hit rocks on our island with our shovel. Thus, we can also get iron nuggets and if we are lucky to even gold nuggets (or find the rock of money and get 15,000 bells at once). As for spring bamboo, our turn is to hit an adult bamboo with a wooden ax, which we can find if we travel to random desert islands and find the bamboo island or if a friend who has this type of plant gives us a sprout to plant it.

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