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Total War Warhammer 3 announced: All information about the release, factions, and map



Total War Warhammer 3

Blood for the blood god! And no, this time around, that exclamation doesn’t refer to a paid DLC that adds even more red soup and severed body parts to Total War: Warhammer. Or a new oneliner for industrial representatives. But it’s actually about the said blood god personally. And that’s almost better than blood and murder. Nearly.

Because Sega and Creative Assembly have finally announced Warhammer 3 and immediately opened the gates into the terrible realm of chaos. So far there is only one CGI trailer to be seen, but it already contains a lot of information. In addition, further details were revealed via press release.

In this article, we summarize all the important information for you and reveal what changes in the third part of the saga, which new factions appear, and speculate a little how all this will ultimately affect the game.

The release: when and where will Warhammer 3 appear?

Along with the new CGI trailer, the release date of Warhammer 3 as – well, at least narrowed down. Because the game was officially announced for 2021. At least there is no specific day, month, or even a quarter in the press release.

However, since we are already in February and such a piece of imprecise information does not exactly suggest that the release will take place in a few months, we do not expect a release until late summer or early autumn at the earliest.

The shops are also still at odds: Steam states the end of 2021 as the release period on the product page, Epic will be much more specific on its shop page for Warhammer 3 from September 2021 – but both details can only be placeholders. The different dates of Steam and Epic are in any case no indication of an Epic Store exclusivity. Creative Assembly wrote in the official FAQ for Total War: Warhammer 3 already confirmed that the game will be available in all shops simultaneously.

The parliamentary groups: which races are new?

Total War: Warhammer 3 brings more new factions straight to the release than the second part. At that time, the selection was expanded to include the High Elves, Dark Elves, Skaven and Lizardmen. In Warhammer 3 you have six different races to choose from right from the start – including four Chaos factions and a big surprise. In the following, we go into the confirmed factions and reveal what makes them special.

Khorne – god of war

There we have him, the much-quoted blood god. This chaos god embodies brute force, aggression, and murder. No wonder then that this god is so popular in a war-torn world like Warhammer. Especially since he draws his power through any act of violence around the world.

When a murder occurs anywhere in the world, it strengthens the god of war. But on the other hand, Khorne also represents honorable ideals. In addition to violence and blood, it also stands for bravery and honorable struggle.

Important units:

  • Blood Demon: The most powerful demons of the Khorne entourage, said to be nearly invincible in close combat. Winged, gigantic, and with demonic horns, they make a terrible picture. You can already see this demon in the trailer, starting at 02:01 minutes.
  • Mangle: These are Khorne’s demonic foot soldiers. Little muscular devils with burning swords that devour your souls. In the trailer, you can see the managers at 1:50 a.m.
  • Moloch: For his cavalry, Khorne relies on these creatures that are vaguely reminiscent of mechanical rhinos. Not only do you find Chaos Knights on it, but also managers. You can see the juggernauts in the trailer from minute 1:36.
  • Bloodhound: These demonic dogs are quick and bloodthirsty. They are reminiscent of large, wolf-like beasts with red scales and reptile-like sails behind their ears.

Nurgle – god of pestilence

Probably the oldest of all dark gods, because Nurgle not only stands for disease and epidemics, but also for the death of all life. However, only a few tribes in the north worship Nurgle – who likes to worship diseases? Nurgle is the only one of the chaos gods who care about his admirers. In addition to decay and disease, Nurgle stands on the positive side for the will to survive and rebirth.

Important units

  • Big Pest: These disgusting demons are huge, swinging huge skulls, and their very presence spreads disease. To make matters worse, polluters can also do magic.
  • Plague Keeper: These demons form the backbone of Nurgle’s forces. They spread disease and fight with contaminated, rusty blades.
  • Epidemic Rider: Nurgle also relies on its own cavalry, for which epidemic keepers either saddle up gigantic slime maggots or even lazy flies with which they ride through the air.
  • Nurgling: These tiny demons arise from the slime and rubbish of their big father and actually only fight indirectly. They attack various creatures from whose orifices they emerge in battle.

Slaanesh – god of excess

Of all the gods, the god of excess sounds probably the most seductive. After all, this entity primarily personifies decadence, gluttony, and obsessive lust. However, Slaanesh ultimately leads his worshipers to sacrifice all morality and the thought of the welfare of others to their own selfish instincts. The positive aspects of this chaos god include romantic passion and creativity.


Important units:

  • Keeper of the Secrets: The most powerful servants of Slaanesh can at times look more fascinating than terrible, but should not be underestimated. They feast on lust as well as senseless violence. With scissor hands and narrow swords, they attack their enemies.
  • Demons: The slender, androgynous demons are deadly seducers who, due to the high speed, cause danger on the battlefield even when they are far from their physical stimuli.
  • Slayers: Demonets can also be found on mounts on the battlefield. Then they are enthroned either on the backs of two-legged, demonic horses or on equally perverted snake creatures.
  • Slaanesh beasts: The chimeric demons unite body parts of humans, scorpions, and reptiles. They can paralyze enemies with a bewitching scent. They give them the rest with stings, claws and

Tzeentch – god of witchcraft

No other of the dark gods embody chaos in its purest form as much as Tzeentch. The god of change and magic spreads suspicion and sows the seeds of betrayal in the hearts of mortals. It stands for eternal change, but also for lies and deceit. His followers strive for knowledge and magic but often give up their sanity in return.


Important units:

  • Rulers of Change: These powerful demons appear on the battlefield as vulture-headed creatures, with sinewy bodies and wings that change color constantly. They are the most powerful demonic wizards. This demon already appeared in the first two Warhammer games.
  • Fire Demons: The demonic foot soldiers of Tzeentch often jump around wildly and shoot searing flames from their hands and mouths.
  • Screecher: As airworthy cavalry, the god of deception relies on these creatures that are vaguely reminiscent of misshapen rays. Screechers are also used as draft horses for flying chariots, which in turn are occupied by fire demons.
  • Horror: These beings arise from chaotic magic and have no fixed shape. As they rush around, their shape melts and arbitrarily reassembles. This also results in claws or teeth that they use to attack. If that is not enough, they work chaos magic.


The first trailer takes us to the icy north and there we come across a faction that many players have expected in advance. Kislev is finally becoming playable and very likely completely overhauled. Actually, this people has existed as a small nation since the first Total War: Warhammer, but there they led imperial troops into battle.

The faction actually has its own identity. The nation was heavily influenced by Eastern European nations such as Russia, Poland, and Hungary. As the first bulwark against the forces of Chaos, the realm is at the forefront.

Tzarina Katarin

The leader of Kislev is the so-called Ice Queen Katarin. This extremely powerful sorceress is already in focus in the first trailer. With it, devastating ice magic also finds its way into Warhammer. In fact, Qatar rarely goes to the front in person, but we can decide that for ourselves in Warhammer 3.

Important units:

  • Winged Ulan: Kislev has a powerful cavalry. The best of these are clearly the winged ulans. They carry large wings on their backs, which cause a high-pitched screeching when approached. Not only horses are ridden, but polar bears as well. You can see these knights in the trailer from 01:30.
  • Kosar’s: The common foot troops from Kizlev are lightly armed and carry both a bow and an ax. This makes them dangerous both at a distance and in close combat.
  • Archer Riders: As a people of the steppe, the armies of Kislev also have mounted archers. Very agile, but somewhat undisciplined long-range fighters.
  • Ice watches: A whole new unit recently developed by tabletop licensor Games Workshop. Like their tzarina, these guard units fight with blades imbued with ice magic. In the trailer, you can see her guarding her queen’s tent, starting at 1:20 a.m.


The final playable faction in Warhammer 3 is quite a big surprise. Because so far we know next to nothing about the Cathays. They are people who are very inspired by Chinese culture. But very little information is available on this, both within the world of Warhammer and in the real world. The empire lies far to the east and is protected from chaos by a large bastion.

So we don’t yet know who will lead this nation. Nothing is known about the units either. The little that is known, however, speaks of ogre mercenaries, gunpowder, fireworks rocket launchers, terracotta statues, and jeweled gold dragons. They also have powerful sky mages

The map: where does it all take place?

With Warhammer and Warhammer 2, we already have a pretty massive playing map. But what about Warhammer 3? There is still no official picture of the playing card. Also, the playable factions raise two important questions here.

What about the realm of chaos?

We already know that four of the six playable races represent the demons and followers of the chaos gods. Chaos is known to invade the mortal realm with the help of dark portals in the north of the world, but not only there could be fought. The gods also quarrel with one another, namely for dominance over the realm of chaos.

An independent dimension in which, to top it all off, no laws of nature apply and even dreams become reality. According to the press release, Warhammer 3 is a journey through this nightmarish world. Eventually, it will be possible to switch back and forth between the realm of the mortals and the chaos dimension. This offers many exciting gameplay options, as the Chaos Empire also changes, depending on which god is currently on the trigger.

It will also be interesting to see whether we are conquering, managing, and diplomizing cities in the realm of chaos, typical of Total War. Actually, that doesn’t sound like activities that a God of Chaos would be involved in.

What does the new map look like?

But we did get a little foretaste of the map in the mortal world. In the trailer, you can see a drawn world map from 02:48 a.m. There we see the realm of the mysterious Cathayans.

But this raises the question of how extensive the playing card is exactly. Because this realm is not directly east of the Old World, which we have known since the first Warhammer. Cathay is much further east and there are many more countries and potential factions in between. For example, the Ogre Kingdom would still be part of the map, as would, the Chaos Dwarfs from the lands of darkness. But Creative Assembly is likely to keep a few factions in mind as possible DLCs.

Kislev, however, is the other extreme, because their empire lies in the very north of the Old World. This means that part of the original Warhammer map should also appear in Warhammer 3. That would at least suggest that, unlike with Warhammer 2, we don’t have to wait for a combined Mortal Empires map after the release. Creative Assembly has already confirmed that a free Mortal Empires DLC is coming, which connects all three games.

DLCs: Are there any pre-orders?

Anyone interested in Warhammer 3 can pre-order the game now on Steam or in the Epic Store. If you do that, you will get a free DLC as with both predecessors. What kind of DLC will be in Warhammer 3 is still unknown.

Creative Assembly has so far only announced that early adopters will get something. And most likely it will be another Race Pack with a new faction. In Warhammer 2, curiously enough, it was the Norsca faction for the predecessor and not for the actual game. More details will follow at a later date.

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