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Two members of a hacking group which sells tools to hack Nintendo consoles have been arrested



Two members of a hacking group which sells tools to hack Nintendo consoles have been arrested

Law enforcement agencies in the United States believe that Louarn and Bowser run the hacker group Team Xecuter, which sells tools for hacking the Nintendo 3DS, Switch, and NES Classic consoles, as well as for illegal use of the PlayStation Classic and the original Xbox.

Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against the Team Xecuter in December 2018. The company demanded to stop manufacturing and distributing SX Pro mod chips that allow you to run “pirated” games on Switch, as well as other tools for illegal use of the console and its content.

The investigation into the involvement of max Louarn and Gary Bowser in the activities of Team Xecuter is jointly handled by the US customs police and the FBI. According to their report, in order to hide their illegal business, the hacker group used an extensive network of different brands, sites, and distribution channels, and also claimed to support independent developers who create games for non-commercial use.

Gary bowser has already been extradited from the Dominican Republic to the United States at the request of law enforcement agencies, and the Justice Department is also seeking the same for max Louarn. They are to be charged with 11 crimes, including fraud and money laundering by prior agreement. Part of the articles under which the investigation is going to charge max Louarn and Bowser provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to 20 years.

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