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Two new images of Starfield, the long-awaited new game from Bethesda, are leaked



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Starfield continues to generate expectations and despite not having shown anything in recent weeks, the expected Bethesda game has been seen in two new leaked images.

As Starfield revealed, a few days ago, three populous cities that we will visit in the massive Bethesda universe, some more material has come to light.

It is quite likely that it will be a few months until we talk about official data on Starfield again, but two new leaked images give us a little informational pill in the face of this hiatus.

Shared via Reddit, these two images offer a brief look at the gameplay and art designs for Starfield. Apparently, these two screenshots come from a version of the game dating back to 2018.

Even taking into account the difference and the passage of time, they could well be true, given the similarities that they buy with what was seen in the cinematic trailer shown at E3 2021 and the previous conceptual designs of the game.

In the first image, we can see the interior of what appears to be a special ship or an apparent terrestrial platform and the figure of the character that could be handled, as well as a small HUB. On the other hand, the second image reveals some ship designs that we could see at some point.

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