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Ubisoft Confirms PS5 Does Not Support Backward Compatibility for PS1, PS2 And PS3 titles



Sony has not previously confirmed or denied this, but Ubisoft support clearly indicates that backward compatibility on PS5 is only available with PS4 games – there will also be multiplayer between the two generations of consoles.

Information about the upcoming support for PS4 games on PS5 also remains inaccurate: initially Mark Cerny promised that at least a hundred of the most popular titles would appear at the start, and later it was clarified on the PlayStation blog that there could be more. The company plans to include backward compatibility for thousands of titles.

For comparison, Microsoft’s situation is different: Xbox Series X will support games up to the very first Xbox, albeit in limited quantities. For any Xbox or Xbox 360 game to work on Series X, it must first pass validation.

Earlier, Ubisoft confirmed that the games of the publisher in the coming months will receive a free update to the PS5 version – they will need to be bought only once.

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