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V Rising: Berserker Axes Build



V Rising: Berserker Axes Build

In V Rising, there are different weapons that players can equip and they can make their build according to the weapon they are using and the abilities of that weapon. In this guide, we have also created a build for the end game which will let you dominate in the PvE as well as in the PvP servers. We will go through all of the abilities, gear, and blood types to complete the build.

Gear Set

The gear set that we are using for this build is the Bloodmoon gear. It is one of the end-game gear that gives specific buffs to players’ stats. The gear will give a 6% increase in movement speed and a 6% increase in attack speed, and it also increases the Gear Level by 1.

Gear Set

The jewel you want to wear is the Jewel of the Wicked Prophet which further increases the stats of the player. It increases the movement speed by 5%, +5% of Spell Life Leech, +10% Weapon Attack Speed, and +27.9% of Spell Power.

Gear Set

Weapon Abilities

The weapon that you want to use is the Sanguine Axes. It is a 24-gear level weapon with a Physical Power of 27.9. This weapon also has two abilities that are very powerful with the gear set we choose.

  • Frenzy: This ability will add more mobility and you dash forward while hitting. The first enemy will get hit with 100% physical damage. The movement speed will increase by 25%.
  • X-Strike: These are the blades that you throw towards the enemies and it boomerangs back to you. It’s each hot with the blade will deal 85% physical damage.

Travel Ability

The travel ability that you want to use for this build is the following.

Veil of Blood: The Veil of Blood will be more useful than other traveling abilities because you will get an additional +25% bonus damage on the next attack when you dash and it also heals you for 5% of your maximum health. You can deal damage with the frenzy ability and then dash back to gain health and the bonus damage on the next strike.

Power Abilities

The power abilities that you want to equip for this build are the following.

  • Purgatory: This ability will call down a pillar of energy and it slows down the enemies for 1 second in the area of the energy and it heals your allies for 40% of your spell power. After 1.2 seconds the energy circle will erupt in a burst and it will deal 75% magic damage to the enemies in it and it heals allies for 75% of your spell power. It takes 0.5 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this attack is 12 seconds.
  • Chaos Valley: It launches 2 Chaos Bolts in a sequence that deals 125% magic damage to enemies and also inflicts a Chaos Burn effect on them. It takes 0.6 seconds to cast and the cooldown of this ability is 7 seconds.
  • Arctic Leap: For the ultimate ability, you want to use the Arctic Leap. The Arctic Leap lets you leap into the air and strike down at the target location, dealing 225% magic damage. A Nova of Frost will also be created and the enemies who get hit by it will freeze for 6 seconds and the enemy vampires will freeze for 3 seconds. This ultimate has a cooldown of 150 seconds.

Blood Type

Now the Blood Type is also very important in the build because the blood type will improve certain abilities of your character. The Blood type you want to use for this build is Brute. The Brute Blood type will give you the following increments.

  • 7.5% – 12.5% Primary Attack life leech.
  • 7.5% – 15% Increased Primary attack speed and gain 1 gear level.
  • Healing received increased by 20% – 35%.
  • 6% chance of health recovery to boost movement speed by 20% and damage of the primary attack by 25%.
V Rising: Berserker Axes Build

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