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V Rising: How to Get Sludge-Filled Cannister



How to Get Sludge-Filled Cannister in V Rising

The new major update of V Rising has a number of new resource items that players will have to get in order to craft the necessity items for their gameplay. As players progress in the game by unlocking the new domains, they will have to get a resource named “Sludge-Filled Cannister” that can be used to make another crafting item called Radium Alloy which will help you setup new structure in your castle and much more.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Sludge-Filled Cannister in V Rising.

How to Get Sludge-Filled Cannister in V Rising

The Sludge-Filled Cannister is an end-game item that can be obtained from the following two methods.

  • Looting Containers
  • Crafting on Your Own

The Sludge-Filled Cannisters can only be found in the new region named “Gloomrot”. There are a number of territories in the Gloomrot region that you have to explore to find the containers in different locations. You need to simply loot the containers to get yourself a Sludge-Filled Cannisters. However, they spawn randomly in the containers so, you will have to visit the containers for quite some time in order to fulfill your requirement.

Filled with cannister in V rising

The second method is more efficient as it will allow you to get as many numbers of Sludge-Filled Cannisters as you want. However, this method will require you to have some items in your disposal for which you have to defeat a boss. You need to defeat a Level 60 boss named “Ziva the Engineer”. By defeating this boss, you will unlock the blueprint of Fabricator and a recipe of Empty Cannister that you need.

You can craft the Empty Cannister at the Fabricator with 1x Iron Ingot and 4x Glass. Once you have crafted the Empty Cannister, you need to go to the Sludge areas in the Gloomrot region. The Sludge areas are the Yellow Liquid Pools area that you will see while exploring the Gloomrot region. You need to equip the Empty Cannister and then go near the sludge to fill the cannister with Sludge.

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