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V Rising: How to Get Tech Scrap



How to Get Tech Scrap in V Rising

The Tech Scrap is a new resource item that players will have to grind in a large amount to make other useful resource items as well as build structures in the Castle. The Tech Scrap is mainly used to build the Fabricator Workstation and the Radium Alloy resource that is used in the building of other structures and items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Tech Scrap in V Rising.

Where to Get Tech Scrap in V Rising (Location)

The Tech Scrap is the new resource added in the latest update of V Rising and it is only obtained from the new Mobs in the new region named “Gloomrot”. The Gloomrot region is divided into two zones, Gloomrot North and Gloomrot South. Each of the zones has a number of new Enemy types in it that players will get to encounter as they go through the towns in the zones. You can find the new enemy types inside the following areas in the Gloomrot region.

  • Rustlock Village
  • Transcendum Machine Factory
  • Transcendum Camp
Where to Get Tech Scrap in V Rising (Location)

How to Get Tech Scrap in V Rising

While going through the towns and enemy locations, you need to defeat the new experimented enemies. These enemies are more advanced and they will use tech machines and guns to deal damage to you. You need to take out these enemies in order for them to drop the Tech Scraps. The enemies inside a tech machine have the highest chances of dropping the Tech Scraps. You can also find the Tech Scraps from the chests inside the towns and areas in the Gloomrot region.

As the Tech Scraps are required to build the new structures in the Castle, you will have to do a bit of grinding in the North Gloomrot and South Gloomrot to get the required amount of Tech Scraps.

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