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V Rising Review – A Must-Play Vampire Survival Video Game



V Rising Review – A Must-Play Vampire Survival Video Game

V Rising is an Open World MMO Action Survival videogame developed and published by Stunlock Studios. It was initially released in the Early Access stage on May 17, 2022, captivating a large audience with its impressive open-world survival gameplay mechanics and features. With almost 2 years of time in the Early Access stage, Stunlock Studios managed to push the game into official full release with v1.0 on May 8, 2024.

In those 2 years, the game has been patched several times with new features, additions, changes, and fixes which undoubtedly improved the state of the game on a large scale. The casual survival mechanics like gathering the resources and building your castle with various structures and decorations captivate a lot of casual players but its immersive combat mechanics filled with several weapon abilities and spells surely attract a huge audience of MMO players.


V Rising offers a compelling and consistently built-up story set in the world of Vardoran where once Vampires used to rule. Somehow the humans arose up against the vampires and ended their reign on the land. Fast forwarding to the current time in Vardoran, the vampires have awoken once again and they are both angry and hungry to rule once again.

As the game begins, you will take the role of an awoken Vampire to hunt any living thing in the way to feed on their blood to gain some strength which will allow you to gather the resources to start building your Castle in one of the earlier regions of the world. From here, you will constantly hunt for powerful enemies to learn new powers and schematics to both strengthen yourself and gain advanced knowledge to overtake Vardoran once again.


The gameplay of V Rising feels very immersive and big due to its focus on several factors to fulfill a complete MMO Open World Action Survival game feeling. You get to gather various kinds of resources scattered all over the world of Vardoran that you use to build your Castle, structures, workstations, decorations, and much more. Several resources can also be turned into refined materials which you then use for forging weapons and armor to increase your Gear Level.

Speaking of Gear Level, the level of items you equip on your character defines your Gear Level and all of the foes in the world of Vardoran have their own Level which defines the recommended level for you should try to engage with them in a fight. However, there is no limitation to fighting a higher-level mob or boss, but it would be harder to tackle them.

One of the appreciative things about V Rising is that it doesn’t put players into any confusing state as it provides a decent tutorial at the beginning and there is a quest log that will guide you on what to build and hunt for progressing in the main story. As you get to place down the Castle Heart in the Farbane Woods (earliest region of the game), you will be guided to build a Blood Altar. The Blood Altar structure is one of the crucial structures in the game as it allows players to track the locations of the V Blood Bosses by showing an aura of blood.

Eliminating the V Blood bosses unlock recipes for new structures and weapons along with giving you Spell Points for learning the spells of a certain tier of the school. It is the primary way of progressing in V Rising as well as strengthening your character. Alongside the weapons that you unlock from defeating the bosses, you will get to spend spell points in your Spell Book to unlock various spells. Spells play a crucial role in combat and you can have four different spells active at a time from any school.

There are six different schools for spells and each school covers the veil (dash), projectiles, offensive, defensive, and ultimate factors with nine available spells. You can choose any four spells at a time from any school to build a powerful vampire. Additionally, each weapon in the game has three attacks, one of which is a primary attack and the rest of the two are special abilities. Both the abilities of the weapons and the spells have a certain cooldown to it except the primary attack. Upon using the ability or the spell, you will have to wait for it to be recharged to use it again.

World exploration is one of the big factors in its gameplay as each region of the world contains certain enemy types and resources. If you are looking for certain resources, you would have to explore the areas within that respective region or even kill the mobs to see if they drop those resources. However, if you are wandering the world, make sure to do it in shadows or at night because moving underneath the sunlight will damage you over time and the main reason for it is that you are a vampire. Fighting the enemies in sunny daylight can make you vulnerable to enemy attacks but in the moonlight, you can be an unstoppable monstrosity.

Alongside the sunlight that affects your character, having Silver in your inventory will also affect you. Although silver is used for various purposes like trading with certain merchants and crafting essential items, you must hold them whenever you require it.

Moving on to the mid-game to end-game will unlock various side activities for you in which you can partake. One of the main activities is the world events, which you and other players on the server can join. These events are called Rift Incursion and they are recently added with the v1.0 release. You can join in these events alone or with your friends along with other players to clear the rift areas with enemies to earn essential rewards and resources.

Another great factors that make V Rising even more impressive is the both PVE and PVP features. There are dedicated servers for both of them and you can easily join these servers to either play in a PVE environment or a PVP environment.

Sound and Visuals

The visuals of V Rising are both stunning and immersive which greatly enhance its gameplay experience. The character’s animation of venturing across the wild and towns is beautifully presented and it becomes even better while transformed into various forms. All the animations of the spells are crafted greatly and it shows how much love the developers put into it to make people feel immersed in its combat.

The sound designers also did a splendid job with all the sounds of nature, town folks, abilities, and spells. Moreover, the soothing music playing in the background adds a nice touch to the exploration factor and it changes instantly while engaged in a combat to make players immersed in the action.

Verdict – Score 9/10

V Rising is an excellent Open World MMO Action Survival video game that gives a unique touch to the genre by giving players the role of a vampire to become an unstoppable force. Moreover, the multiplayer factor plays an outstanding role in its gameplay allowing players to enjoy redemption with their friends.

There are several activities for end-game content and the PVP system is well designed which is a treat for the veteran survivors. Whether you like to play the open-world survival game alone or with your friends, V Rising fulfills all of your needs in a very appreciative way. We highly recommend you try out this game as it is finally in its full release form.

V Rising is now available on PC (Steam) and coming to PlayStation 5 later this year.

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