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V Rising: Solarus the Immaculate Boss Guide



V Rising: Solarus the Immaculate Boss Guide

V Rising has currently 37 bosses in the early access state and all of these bosses are hidden around the world of Vardoran. Each boss has its own level of difficulty and players level up their gear level to fight each of the bosses to progress further in the game. All the bosses are shown in the Blood Altar structure and once you’ve reached the recommended gear level to fight the boss, you’ll be able to track them and defeat them.

In today’s guide, we’ll be covering the mechanics of the last boss of the game, how to defeat the boss, and the rewards you get by defeating him.

Solarus the Immaculate Boss

Solarus the Immaculate is a level 80 boss and can be found in the Fortress of Light area in the Silverlight Hills region. He is the toughest boss in the V Rising and you probably want to level up your gear and get all the buff potions for your character for this fight.

Solarus the Immaculate Boss

Mechanics of Solarus the Immaculate Boss

Solarus the Immaculate boss fight has three phases of the boss fight. Starting out on phase one, he starts out with three moves and gains another move when he is low on HP. For the basic moves, the first move of him is a charge where he channels for a second before charging you, dealing damage and stunning. During the charge, two lines of sparks fly out from the sides of him that deal Holy damage over time if you get hit by the spark. The second move is that he summons sparks that go behind him and then fly out towards you which also do the damage over time. The last for his basic attacks, he has a two-hit melee attack chain, the second attack sends out a rolling sword in front of him that then splits and comes back to him. When he is on 60% HP, he’ll start using a new move Luminance, where he walks to the center of the stage and creates two spin circles that shoots sparks all over the stage.

Mechanics of Solarus the Immaculate Boss

The second phase starts when the Solarus gets to 50% of his HP, he’ll go to the center of the stage and summon a Divine Angel to fight with him. The Divine Angel also has three basic moves and gains another move when she is at low HP. The first attack she does is she shoots out four balls of light in succession towards enemies that deal damage and knockback. In the second attack, the angel charges you with the spear that deals heavy damage. The last basic attack of the angel is that she has a three-hit melee attack chain where she swipes two times before hitting in a line that has four separate hits. When the angel reaches 40% of the HP, she will use the spark waves similar to the Solarus but it’ll be a supercharged version of the spark waves with many more sparks in multiple waves. The Solarus will also have a new move in this phase and that’ll be the Pillars of light. The lights will move around the stage and you have to dodge them and fight the angel because the Solarus will stay in the Immune form until you defeat the angel.

Once you kill the angel, the third phase of this fight begins. The Solarus will come unimmune and stop healing. The Angel will spawn again as a Fallen Angel and fight Solarus with you. The Solarus will have his three basic moves but the two-hit chain attack will be advanced in this phase. Instead of doing a two-hit attack chain with the sword that goes out, he’ll do a four-hit attack chain that summons two blades on the last hit that each split into two more blades before coming back to him. Once Solarus reaches around 60% HP, he’ll start using a jumping attack where he jumps on top of you if he lands on you, you’ll get incapacitated and he follows up with a strong hit attack. At 50% HP, he begins to summon the Pillars of Light from his phase 2 immune stage and begins to use the retribution bullet move again from phase 1. Now the most important thing in the last phase is that you have to defeat the Solarus relatively quickly if the Fallen Angel dies, you’re put on a time limit if too much time passes, he’ll re-summon the Divine Angel and the fight will restart at phase two. This time limit will be around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. So, make sure that Fallen Angel doesn’t die or you kill Solarus fast enough after it does die.

How to Defeat Solarus the Immaculate Boss

The main thing that you players want to do is that come prepared for this fight as much as you can. When you get into this fight, make sure you have potions for spell damage increase, physical damage increase, etc. Basically, you want to get the buffs potions for this fight. You also want to have the Chaos Valley ability and the Sanguine Touch for the DPS and the damage over time. Use the high percentage of Scholar’s Blood for this fight because you’re going to be using a lot of spells in this fight and it’ll be a DPS and dodging fight. The more high percentage of Scholar Blood you use, the easier the fight gets.

For the first phase, you just need to damage him with the spells and dodge his sparks attack by moving and dashing. If you get the chance to get close to him then you can land a couple of hits with your melee attack as well.

In the second phase where he summons the Divine Angel, you don’t have to fight the angel straight away, you need to fight the Solarus and just dodge the angel’s attacks. When the Solarus health gets low to 10%, he’ll go into the Immune form and starts healing then you want to fight the angel and defeat her, you’ll defeat her by using the long-range attack as well. When you defeat her the third phase of this fight starts.

The Divine Angel will turn into the Fallen Angel and she’ll break the immunity of the Solarus and then you have to defeat the Solarus. The main attack you want to dodge here is the jumping attack of Solarus because it will stun you and he’ll hit you with the combo and most probably you’ll die. So, make sure to dodge it and keep hitting him with the spells and the Sanguine Touch. Just make sure that Fallen Agnel won’t get killed because if she gets killed you have to defeat the Solarus in under 2 and a half minutes and if you failed to do so then you’ll start from phase 2 of this fight again. So make sure to defeat him with the Fallen Angel and keep dealing damage to him with the spells and he’ll die shortly.


Once you’ve defeated Solarus the Immaculate, he’ll give you Summon Fallen Angel ability that will summon the Fallen Angel and she’ll fight for you for 15 seconds. Fallen Angel’s attacks increase the damage enemies take by 25% for 5 seconds.

If you defeat the Solarus in the PvE server or are the first person to defeat him on the PvP server, you’ll also get the Soul Shard of Solarus. It gives a 2-hour buff after being placed in your base, this buff gives 50 Sun Resistance, 5% primary melee attack speed, and physical power by 10.

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