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V Rising: Where to Find Ghost Shrooms



V Rising: Where to Find Ghost Shrooms

V Rising’s world is filled with different types of areas and enemies, whether be normal NPCs, bosses and monsters. V Rising also has a magical element in its world. As you know your V Blood powers and attacking powers also have a magical element to them. So, the world of V Rising is pretty magical and mysterious in this sense too. You will come across different types of resources and items in the world that will have magical powers as well.

Such as the Ghost Shroom which is a magical Mushroom that can be found in the Cursed Forest Region. It is found only in the Cursed Forest Region as you can get from its name its name it’s cursed. In this guide, we will tell you the most valuable locations where you can go to farm Ghost Shrooms in the Cursed Forest Region.

Firstly, the best location to farm Ghost Shrooms is the Nest of the Curse Weaver but you have to be careful as it is the home of the witch-mother and so far, the best place to farm the Ghost Shrooms. If you go really far in the area you will find the witch-mother Boss Matka the Curse Weaver ________________if you find to defeat that boss you can follow our in-depth guide.

V Rising: Where to Find Ghost Shrooms

In the Cursed Forest near the Nest of the Curse Weaver, there is a pathway leading to the main witch-mother Boss’s place. On both sides of the pathway, you will find some plants and some blue glowing mushrooms. These are the Ghost Shrooms. You can get these Ghost Shrooms by harvesting them by hitting them using your sword or whatever weapon you’re using. You don’t have to go very near the Matka the Curse Weaver, there are plenty of Ghost Shrooms in the bushes inside the forest beside the pathway. You can collect and harvest a lot of them in the Nest of the Curse Weaver.

Secondly, you have to go to the Ancient Village in the Cursed Forest Region in order to find and harvest the Ghost Shrooms. You will find a lot of other important Resources in the Ancient Village as well but we are going to cover the Ghost Shrooms specifically in this guide.

V Rising: Where to Find Ghost Shrooms

Now, that you’ve made your way in to the Ancient Village you will find a lot of Witches in Ancient Village as well. You can find Ghost Shrooms outside the Houses in the Ancient Village and near trees as well. You have to hit all these Blue glowing Mushroom plants and you can collect them easily. Find them near the houses and trees but beware in the Ancient Village there are witches as well you have to kill them. You can also find Ghost Shrooms by killing the witches.

Ghost Shrooms is also a consumable resource which means you can consume it and it will give you power as Stamina and boost. You can also use them in fights with bosses and it will help you in fighting and dealing lesser damage for the effect of the Mushroom. If you consume more Shrooms then the effect of the Shrooms multiply meaning you will get more effect and boost from the Shrooms you consumed.

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