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V Rising: Willfred the Werewolf Chief Boss Guide



V Rising: Willfred the Werewolf Chief Boss Guide

You’d get to fight a lot of different enemies and bosses while progressing through the game. The bosses in this game will give you abilities, recipes, structures, etc. As you level up the bosses will become harder and they’ll also drop a high tier ability. In this guide, we tell you how to defeat Willfred the Werewolf Chief boss.

V Rising: Willfred the Werewolf Chief Boss Guide

How To Defeat Willfred the Werewolf Chief

Willfre he Werewolf Chief is a 64-level boss located in the Werewolf Village in the Northeast of the Dunley Farmlands. This boss is a Werewolf for which you need to defeat him in the nighttime, if you go in the daylight, the werewolf will not be there and you’ll see only humans. If you are fighting the werewolf and the sun rises up then the werewolf will turn into a human and if you kill the human, you’ll not get any ability nor defeat the boss so, that’s why you need to kill him in the nighttime.

For the setup, you want to use the Chaos Valley ability because it’ll give burning damage to him over time. You also want to have the Ward of the Damned ability because it’ll help you block the attacks of this boss. For the Weapon, you can use the Swords or axes but the recommendation is that you use the Crossbow because of the more AoE damage and you can damage him from a long-range as well. You can use the Dark Silver Crossbow or the Sanguine Crossbow because it’ll do great damage to him and the ability of the crossbow to shoot multiple arrows will also be useful. You can use any ultimate that is an AoE attack because it’ll deal him more damage.

Once you get to the location, you need to deal damage to him immediately by shooting crossbow AoE ability and Chaos Valley. It’ll deal burning damage to him over time. Once he starts to attack you, you need to pull him away from the main area and drag him to a house behind him. The reason for that is this boss gets reset after a specific time and it will not reset in the house. Once he is in the house, you can just defeat the boss by doing AoE damage and shooting arrows with the Chaos Valley.

He has a headbutt attack and before doing this attack, he’ll buff himself and aggress you and you can block this with the Ward of the Damned ability. You can then hit him with the chaos ability along with the Crossbow AoE attack. There will also be humans in the fight which will come after every few moments and the werewolf will try to eat them to gain health. Each human gives him 10% of HP, so you want to kill the humans before he kills them. That is why you want to have the AoE ultimate which will kill all the humans before the wolf.

This boss also has an invisibility ability where he goes invisible for a few seconds and then comes close to you. You’ll need to dash away if he comes visible near you because he can land a melee attack at you very quickly. Dash away and hit him with the Chaos Valley. You need to take out humans as fast as you can because if he heals then this fight will grow only longer. Other than that, this is not a difficult fight. Once you downed him, extract his V Blood to get the new ability.


Extract the boss’s V Blood to get the Heart Strike ability. You’ll also get the recipe for Holy Resistance Flask.

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