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Vikings in Crusader Kings III, Surviving Mars Expansions and Stellaris: Nemesis Release – Highlights from Paradox Insider



Vikings in Crusader Kings III, Surviving Mars Expansions and Stellaris: Nemesis Release - Highlights from Paradox Insider

On March 13, Paradox Interactive held an Insider showcase where they shared details on updates and add-ons for their games.

Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan

The developers of the strategy said that in the upcoming expansion they wanted to focus on opportunities for those who like to play small or medium-sized countries without conquering too many territories. For this, several options will be introduced into the game:

  • the concentration of development – the transfer of work to the capital to create a large city;
  • centralization of the state – reducing the cost of work due to the progress of government reform;
  • expansion of infrastructure – the possibility of simultaneous operation of several manufactures in one province.

In addition, Leviathan will have more sophisticated diplomacy. Allies can be rubbed into trust in order to force them to turn against other friendly countries or return to a province.

Also, the creators of Europa Universalis IV confirmed that in the coming days they will launch a subscription to the DLC for the strategy: it will become available on March 18 and will cost $ 5 per month (regional prices have not yet been specified).


Nemesis, the next major expansion for the game, will be released on April 15th – the exact release date was announced in the trailer.

As the developers said earlier, it will focus on espionage. The player can choose whether to cause a galactic crisis or to rally different races to fight the threat. The villain will be allowed to undermine stability in every possible way and even explode the stars, and the guardian will be able to gather the galactic fleet to restore balance or crush power.

And the console version of the space strategy will continue to develop – on March 25, an update to version 2.6 will be available on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as DLC that adds the lithoid empire.

Surviving Mars

Paradox has announced that it will continue to support the city-building simulator from the creators of Tropico and has already found new developers. The upcoming DLCs are being handled by Abstraction Games, which previously worked mostly on ports for various games, including Verdun and Hotline Miami, and acted as a support studio.

So far, there are no plans for a full-fledged sequel, only for add-ons for the 2018 game. They want to release a major DLC before the end of 2021, and a free content patch will be released on March 15th: it will add tourism mechanics and several buildings created by modder Silva to the game.

Empire of Sin in Game Pass

Romero Games’ mix of strategy and RPG will be added to Microsoft’s subscription service library on March 18th – on both Xbox and PC.

In addition, the head of development Brenda Romero assured that the studio constantly listens to user feedback and continues to improve the game and fix problems. In the next major patch, version 1.04, there will be a feature to automatically resolve battles.

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords

The first expansion for the game will be dedicated to the peoples of Scandinavia and will be released on March 16. According to the developers, this is not a major DLC, but a so-called “flavor pack”, which will add new art, 3D models, and mechanics for the Viking rulers.

The game will have many new events and possible actions. For example, the player will be able to enlist the help of the Huscarl warlords in order to conquer new territories and transfer their state there.

Simultaneously with the release of Northern Lords, a patch 1.3 will be released, which will improve the map, add winter weather, as well as a dueling system and a poet trait for the ruler.

PDXCON Remixed

During the presentation, dates were also set for the next major online event from Paradox – it will take place from May 21 to 23.

The company promises to present the next game from internal studios, and fans will be able to participate in the event itself. Until April 9, players can register to participate in PDXCON, leaving their wishes and suggestions.

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