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WoW leak: Blizzcon information on Shadowlands & Classic accidentally published



Blizzcon starts on February 19th. Then Blizzard wants to share a lot of new information about their current and future games with the public. Unfortunately, some of this information came to light much earlier now. More precisely, we already know a lot more about the new content for World of Warcraft due to a leak.

Apparently, the studio accidentally shared press materials on the public servers. So fans could catch a glimpse of the first screenshots and lots of new information even before the actual fair. It’s about the first major content update for Shadowlands and the new addon for WoW: Classic.

For legal reasons, we cannot show you the leaked screenshots. You can take a look at the Wowhead fansite.

Chains of Domination for Shadowlands

The first part of the leak revolves around the new update for WoW: Shadowlands. So that will obviously go by the name of chains of domination. The leak does not yet reveal when the update will be released, but there are a few more details about the content:

  • The City of Secrets: Players of all pacts will head to the city of Korthia. There they look for clues and of course do a lot of quests. Meanwhile, the jailer is looking for an unspecified item that fulfills his dark plan.
  • Together against the jailer: In the course of the campaign, the champions of all pacts have to team up to bring the fight directly into the jailer’s territory.
  • New raid: A new raid for 10 players will be introduced with Update 9.1. Here we go to the Sanctum of Domination, where we personally mess with the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windläufer.
  • New mega-dungeon: In this new dungeon you take on eight different bosses. The entrance is in the broker’s bazaar. The dungeon itself is called Tazavesh and, like every mega-dungeon, can only be played at a mythical level of difficulty.
  • Even more: There are also many small additions, such as raids, dungeons, PvP Season 2, cosmetic armor, new mounts, new pets, and finally the possibility to fly.

Burning Crusade for WoW Classic

There is no big surprise here. After all, Burning Crusade was the first addon for WoW in 2007, and in the run-up to Blizzcon, there were also minor leaks from trustworthy sources such as Kaiser499, who announced Burning Crusade as an expansion for WoW Classic. But now we have certainty.

As before, it’s about the Burning Legion’s renewed attempt to devastate the lands of the mortals. To prevent this, our heroes travel through the Dark Portal to Outland. There are also two new races. The blood elves join the Horde while Draenei shamans join the alliance. More content from the addon will gradually be built into WoW Classic.

Burning Crusade, like WoW Classic, will be available to all subscribers. By the way, if you don’t feel like using the add-on, you can continue to play Classic as it is now.

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Watch Dogs: Legion will replace podcasts voiced by journalist Helen Lewis-for her past transphobic statements



this is the error i faced

Ubisoft has announced that two episodes Of the buccaneer podcast in Watch Dogs: Legion, voiced by Helen Lewis, will be replaced in the upcoming patch.

The publisher decided to cut out replicas in the voice of Lewis after users Of Twitter and the ResetEra forum massively complained that the girl adheres to transphobic views. This conclusion was made after they discovered an article that Helen Lewis wrote for the British newspaper The Times in 2017.

Lewis called her column “a Man can’t just say that he’s turned into a woman” and criticized the proposal to simplify gender reassignment in the UK at the legislative level.

The government is proposing a radical change in the way we understand identity. It is transferred to the area of internal decisions — or spiritual ones, if you like. Be a woman or a man-this question is offered to solve the head.

from an article by Helen Lewis

After that article, Helen Lewis was referred to as a TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist, transphobic radical feminists).

In response, the journalist wrote an article for the New Statesman, which she called ” welcome to the era of ironic bigotry, in which old hatred was disguised as a new Wake-language.” In it, Helen Lewis compared those who use terms like TERF to anti-Semites and said that such rhetoric is used as a cover for hatred towards women-like the one that arose during gamergate.

Ubisoft noted that the developers of Watch Dogs: Legion did not know anything about the views of Helen Lewis, as the casting of voice actors for in-game podcasts was handled by a third-party Studio.

The publisher also stressed that the lines voiced by Helen Lewis in Watch Dogs: Legion have nothing to do with her and do not convey her views. At the same time, Ubisoft came to the conclusion that the very fact of Helen Lewis’s participation in voice acting may offend certain groups of people and therefore decided to replace her replicas — and also promised that it would carefully check its partners.

Apparently, in the patch, Ubisoft will remove the releases of in-game podcasts voiced by Helen Lewis, and replace them with re-voiced materials with the same scenario.

Watch Dogs: Legion was released on October 29 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

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Take-Two is in talks to buy Codemasters For $970 million



Take-Two is in talks to buy Codemasters For $970 million

Although both sides have already confirmed that they are in talks, Take-Two has not yet made an official offer to the British publisher. However, the Board of Directors of Codemasters is going to unanimously recommend that its investors agree to the deal.

According to Tom Howard, a reporter for The Times, T2 is ready to buy out publishers known for DIRT, F1, Grid, and OnRush for 740 million pounds (about $ 972 million) in cash and stock.

Take-Two said that if the deal still takes place, Codemasters will be able to work more efficiently at the expense of the holding’s resources.

We believe that the collaboration between Take-Two and Codemasters can bring together two large world-class portfolios in interactive entertainment. Moreover, 2K and Codemasters can perfectly complement each other in the racing genre.

from the Take-Two Interactive statement

Codemasters entered the stock market in 2018 and has continued to expand since then. At the end of 2019, the company acquired the Studio Slightly Mad, developers of Project CARS, and later received a license to develop official rally simulators of the WRC championship.

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BloodRayne 1 and 2 will be released on PC on November 20 – with support for 4K and modern systems



BloodRayne 1 and 2 will be released on PC on November 20 - with support for 4K and modern systems

Publisher Ziggurat Interactive, which acquired the rights to BloodRayne in June 2020, announced the release date for the re-release of two games in the series on Steam and GOG — November 20. The updated versions were subtitled Terminal Cut, and their pages have already appeared in stores:

  • BloodRayne: Terminal Cut — Steam, GOG
  • BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut — Steam, GOG

Action games about the half-vampire rain, who fights the forces of the Nazis, updated for modern systems and optimized for Windows 10. Among other things, Terminal Cut editions will include:

  • support for resolutions up to 4K / 3840×2160;
  • 4x anti-aliasing and improved rendering;
  • enlarged cinematic videos;
  • support for modern gamepads (XInput);
  • improved lighting;
  • support for original uncompressed textures;
  • improved reflection, fog, shadow, and water effects.

All users who already have the original BloodRayne or BloodRayne 2 on Steam or GOG will receive updated versions of the games in the same store for free.

Apparently, the re-release of the action series is not the only project for the franchise in the plans of Ziggurat. The company has previously stated that it is going to “expand the BloodRayne universe”.

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