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WoW Shadowlands Guide: This is how you heal properly as a Holy Priest



WoW Shadowlands Guide: This is how you heal properly as a Holy Priest

If you want to heal as a priest, you can reach for the holy priest. Alternatively, the discipline priest is available to you. Whoever wants to distribute damage chooses the shadow priest.

The most important changes

Your group reinforcement power word: Fortitude gives only 5% instead of 10% more stamina. The Mind Blast, Mind Soothing, Soul of Power, Shadow Word: Death, Power Word: Shield, and Shadow Word: Pain is now available to all Priests regardless of their specialization. Shadow Word: Death does 150% more damage to targets that are less than 20% healthy.

Fade now also reduces the distance enemies attack you from. The former Talent Circle of Healing is now available as a normal ability. The Holy Words passive effect has been redesigned. This now causes the cooldown of Blessing Word: Sanctification to be shortened by six seconds with the Prayer of Healing and by two seconds by casting Renewal.

After your death, you can now also use Power Word: Shield thanks to the Spirit of Redemption. The Level 25 Mind and Body Talent replaces Perseverance. It ensures that Power Word: Shield and Leap of Faith temporarily increase the movement speed of your target.

At level 40, the Prayer Circle talent replaces the Circle of Healing Talent and reduces the casting time of the next Healing Prayer when using Circle of Healing. The level 50 talent Apotheosis has been redesigned and now resets the cooldown of Holy Words.

This is how you play the holy priest

Your attribute prioritization as a Holy Priest looks like this:

  • intelligence
  • Critical hit chance
  • tempo
  • versatility
  • championship

You have a large arsenal of healing spells that you have to use depending on the situation. Word of blessing: Epiphany relies on an injured ally, Word of blessing: You use sanctification when the majority of the group is injured.

Flash healing is a quick but expensive healing spell, so it should be used more in an emergency. Her prayer of recovery works for little healing. You can help individual goals with healing.

If you have to move, you resort to renewal. When you heal groups, your circle of healing works and pursues healing with a prayer. In addition, her Divine Star works. If healing is not needed, you can use Sacred Agony to cause damage to your target.

As strong cooldown abilities, you have a divine hymn for strong group damage, a symbol of hope for mana regeneration, and a guardian spirit to protect individual targets.

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