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WoW Shadowlands: Patch 9.0.5 wants to massively improve the loot problem



WoW Shadowlands: Patch 9.0.5 wants to massively improve the loot problem

For Blizzard’s decision to massively reduce the loot with WoW Shadowlands, there was a lot of criticism from the community. Many complain that the time invested is not properly rewarded with good equipment.

Now this problem should finally be addressed. With patch 9.0.5 , Blizzard is bringing back the bravery points in WoW, which are supposed to make mythical-plus dungeons more rewarding, even if you haven’t received a new item after a round:

We looked at a lot of feedback on the pros and cons of various Lootquellen in Shadowlands endgame. After the first rewarding weeks, many dungeon-focused players have reached a point where the only relevant rewards come only from the great treasury.

Although the Chamber should continue to be an important goal and give you the best items from the game, we still want to find a way that the chest is important at the end of a difficult mythical keystone dungeon without having to rely on random loot upgrade systems .

As a solution, the already known Valor Points are now being reintroduced.

  • Patch: 9.0.5
  • Playable from: immediately (PTR)
  • Content: Valor points come back, changes to the pact and legendary system
  • When will I get information about Patch 9.1? “Soon”. Probably Blizzconline on February 19th and 20th

What are Valor Points?

Anyone who played World of Warcraft between 2010 and 2014 should still know the Valor Points, or bravery points, because they were first introduced with WoW Cataclysm , but banned again with Warlords of Draenor . Now they are celebrating their comeback and should save the loot system.

The Valor Points are a currency that you can use in the endgame to improve your equipment. You collect bravery points by completing Mythic-plus dungeons or completing daily quests for your pact.

As you are used to from many other systems in Shadowlands, you cannot farm the bravery points to infinity either, but have to be content with a weekly upper limit.

The item level to which you can upgrade your equipment is also limited. The decisive factor is how far you have already progressed with your mythical and mythical-plus dungeons:

  • Complete all mythical dungeons to upgrade items to level 200
  • Complete all mythical dungeons to +5 to upgrade items to level 207
  • Complete all mythical dungeons to +10 to be able to upgrade items to level 213
  • Complete all mythical dungeons at +15 to upgrade items to level 220

Community cheers

With the new changes, Blizzard has apparently finally managed to put a band-aid on the bleeding wound of the community, because they are really impressed by the changes.

Vasheenomed writes on Reddit:

“As someone who generally took a liking to Mythic-plus in Shadowlands, I’m really excited about the changes and absolutely happy. For me, this is the best expansion in a long time.”

Also, Carthac on Wowhead welcomes the changes, but still sees a problem in the upgrade limitation:

“Fantastic change. However, I wonder why Blizzard is only allowing us to upgrade to 220? As long as the weekly valor point limit is in place, players shouldn’t be a problem with getting too good gear too soon.”

The current situation is that you can only exceed the equipment level of 220 if you have completed Nathria Castle on the mythical level of difficulty, have a legendary item on level 4, play PVP or play luck with the large treasury or the chests at the end of mythical-plus dungeons have.

Before Blizzard makes any further changes to the system, it will probably first be checked thoroughly on the test server (PTR). When exactly the patch will also be transferred to the live server has not yet been determined.

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