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Xbox: Greenberg asks people not to call their children ‘Game Pass’



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Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox’s marketing division, suggested during a live stream from Gamescom that the public should not call their son or daughter “Game Pass”. In all honesty, we didn’t think it was necessary to point out that naming your child after a streaming service isn’t a good idea.

Greenberg didn’t make this (reasonable) claim by accident, however. Speaking to Bethesda’s Pete Hines, it was reported that a woman went into labor during the QuakeCon 2011 presentation, and one of the interviewers joked that she should name the baby Dovahkiin (Skyrim’s protagonist). Hines explained that this did not happen in that case, but in fact, there is someone who has legally named their child Dovahkiin: Hines gave the family a gift of free Bethesda games for the rest of their lives. At that point, Greenberg asked them not to call their son Game Pass.

One of the interviewers added that it is illegal under US law to call a child ‘Game Pass’. Game Pass is certainly a quality service and has many fans, but showing your passion by calling a child that would certainly be a bit much.

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