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ZeRo admits he retired because he had anxiety about ruining his legacy



ZeRo retired because he had anxiety about ruining his legacy

Since retiring from the highly competitive Smash company after the Smash4 career on Wii U was very successful, Zero has been complaining that professionals are actually earning meager income due to Nintendo’s lack of financial support. Today he opened up ‘why did he retire?’

He shares his story with his fans on Social media he said “As for me playing in competitive tournaments, people think I stopped playing for money. I used to say that because it was easier than admitting my weakness. The truth is I genuinely did try to play competitively again but it was impossible to motivate myself to practice and the expectations that come with my legacy honestly scared me. People would expect me to be the best, and nothing short of that would be a disappointment to myself, the people and the sponsors. I tried to deal with that level of pressure again but it felt way too overwhelming and it was giving me health issues strictly related to anxiety and stress. I then found success I didn’t expect in content creation and well, I have to keep working on something ya know? I have to provide for my family. I’m sorry if it seems I ditched competitively. I just didn’t want to admit to thousands that I was essentially a coward. But I want there, to be honest because I don’t want speculation on this matter. So there you have it. “

As we informed you, he has described why Nintendo does not support Competitive Smash Bros?


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