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Zero on ‘why Nintendo doesn’t support Competitive Smash Bros’



ZeRo retired because he had anxiety about ruining his legacy

Since retiring from the highly competitive Smash company after the Smash4 career on Wii U was very successful, Zero has been complaining that professionals are actually earning meager income due to Nintendo’s lack of financial support.

Now, in his new video, ZeRo explains why this is. To assist his explanation, Twitch streamers have pulled a Reddit lead since 2016, and users claim to have spoken to a Nintendo employee about sponsorship. (Mobile audience 4:55)

Zero pointed out that although this post may be “straightforward nonsense”, he himself interacted with many different people from Nintendo to understand their mentality and to be consistent with what was said in the post.

In this post, this Nintendo employee explains how Nintendo helped the Genesis 3 Championship find and pay for equipment, get product discounts, branding, and bypass red tape.

Nintendo’s lack of financial support may actually hurt the situation far more than it helps. It is worth noting that ZeRo himself has stated in the past that in the year he won 56 games, his final total bonus was only about $ 45,000.

However, Nintendo kept this sensational community on a bright side at the grassroots level. Entering the late part of the video at 19:27, the retired professional explained that he heard that Nintendo didn’t want to dominate because it would create too much of a “controlled” environment.

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