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A new Nintendo Switch would arrive with NVIDIA’S DLSS 2.0



NPD: 1 in 3 Americans with PS4 or Xbox One owns both consoles

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been showing for weeks what the new technology of the video game industry will look like, one that many third-party developers will use to bring their future projects to life. In this sense, it seems logical to imagine that Nintendo Switch will require sooner rather than later some kind of leap forward to keep up, and Nvidia might be seriously thinking about it already.

Nintendo Switch with technology like NVIDIA’S DLSS 2.0?

Thus, it is possible to observe on Linkedin that Nvidia has published a job offer in which specifically is looking for a new software engineer to work on Tegra solutions. Specifically, it points out that the main tasks of the workplace lie in working with graphics of the next generation, with artificial intelligence technologies for consoles and also with artificial intelligence devices.

On the other hand, in one of the sections on the functions to be performed, it specifies ‘work on solutions to use artificial intelligence in graphics technology such as Nvidia DLSS 2.0’. This, then, is a technology that we can see implemented for example for the PC version of Death Stranding, and which would allow Nintendo Switch to run games without problems but consuming less power. There is No doubt, then, that this would be a breakthrough in the shadows of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In any case, note that the job offer has not been specified for Nintendo Switch, but given the description seems to be the most viable option of all. However, we should not forget that weeks ago the possibility arose that Nintendo would abandon the Tegra of Nvidia to rely on AMD, a move that would potentially increase the viability of the hybrid console in the long term-or so it is believed -.

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