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New controversy in the competitive Fortnite by several pro players accused of cheating



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When you talk about Fortnite, you usually pay attention to some of the maneuvers that Epic Games has adopted with the game and that have served as inspiration for other companies, such as the system of dividing the inclusion of large content by seasons or the famous Battle Pass. However, the popularity of these elements means that there are other aspects of the game that can be easily forgotten; Fortnite’s competitive spectrum being the one where we will focus on these same lines.

The reason for this might reside in the fact that the official competitions of the battle royale still have many things to Polish to stand out in the market of eSports, as pointed out already some professional players a few days ago; something that is added a series of discomforts that these same pro players would have complained very recently and that they would have to do with the illicit use of mechanics that make these tournaments not totally meaningless.

We talk, specifically, that the pro player who plays for team Liquid and is known as Center, has denounced a situation in which some practitioners would be using a system of autoapuntado in the competitive matches of Fortnite and, therefore, has asked the own Epic Games to investigate the situation to be able to lock it as soon as possible.

For his part, the player has not wanted to get into the rag when it comes to giving specific names or throwing direct accusations against certain competitors, so it is still unknown if we are faced with something that is happening in a real way.

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