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EA is “more interested than ever” in buying Warner Bros Games and taking over studios like Rocksteady



The owners of most EA shares voted against the company's management bonuses in the 2020 year

Electronic Arts sounds like one of the great companies that aspire to acquire Warner Bros Games. According to a report, the developer is “more interested than ever” in taking over the associated studies.

One of the issues that can cause a good change within the video game industry is the purchase of Warner Bros Games. The company is for sale, something we reported on a few weeks ago and has a few suitors.

One of the most interested is Electronic Arts. The renowned company has been sounding for a long time as one of the most willing to get hold of WB Games and now it seems that it would be very close to achieving it. How did you find out?

Well, it seems this hint comes from a call from EA investors today. The company revealed that “it is more interested than ever” in acquiring WB Games and also the best studios that are part of it.

The comment comes from EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, who answered a question about future acquisitions, including acquisitions involving “large assets.” At the moment it has not been possible to know anything else about everything related to Warner, but it is hoped that soon more information will be clarified.

NetherRealm Studios, Rocksteady, TT Games, Monolith Productions (Shadows of Mordor), Avalanche Software, and Warner Bros. Montreal are among the studios that could be linked to EA after the possible purchase. Furthermore, licenses like LEGO would also be in their possession. These studios feature Mortal Kombat, Batman Arkham, and many more licenses that would join EA’s roster.

There is talk that the purchase would have an outlay of between 2 and 4 billion dollars, a not inconsiderable figure. We recall that Microsoft would also be interested in acquiring Warner Bros Games. We will be very attentive to what is announced on this matter.

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