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Minecraft Dungeons producer explains the challenges of bringing it to Nintendo Switch



The second DLC for Minecraft Dungeons will be released on September 8

It’s been a while since Minecraft Dungeons came to Nintendo Switch adding many fans. However, it seems that the hybrid console version took a little longer.

In a recent meeting with Nintendo Life, the producer of the game, Steven Taarland , shared what was most difficult for them when it came to bringing Minecraft Dungeons to the Nintendo console.

Here is the official message:

Performance is often the main problem when bringing games to Switch. Unfortunately, compared to PC, PS4, and Xbox, the Switch simply doesn’t have the same hardware capabilities. We spent a lot of time optimizing content, improving load times, and ensuring 4-player mode was as stable as possible.

Of course, there are some compromises with graphic fidelity that need to be made, but finally, the Double Eleven team and the Mojang Studios team are proud of what we have offered to Nintendo Switch players.

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