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Abiotic Factor: How to Get the Energy Brick



Abiotic Factor: How to Get the Energy Brick

Energy Brick is one of the essential items in Abiotic Factor as it is used for various purposes including powering doors to get past locked doors as well as crafting electronics that require power. Well, players will need an Energy Brick in the very first hour of their playthrough as they will be required to open the Cafeteria Door.

This guide will tell you how to get the Energy Brick in Abiotic Factor.

How to Get the Energy Brick in Abiotic Factor

The Cafeteria is one of the earliest locations that you will reach while following the only available path from the starting point of the game. As you reach the Cafeteria Door, you will see another scientist on the other side of the door asking you to open the door as soon as possible. If you look to the bottom right side of the door, it will require an Energy Brick.

To get the Energy Brick, you must first get a Crafting Bench and place it somewhere in the Cafeteria near a Power Socket to power it up. Once done, you need to access it and find the IDEA: Energy Brick to figure out the recipe for Energy Brick. The potential materials for Energy Brick are the following.

  • Power Supply Unit
  • Circuit Board
  • Tech Scrap
  • Case Fan

Dragging the correct materials to the boxes will unlock the recipe for Energy Brick at the Crafting Bench. Upon unlocking the recipe, you need to craft it at the Crafting Bench with the following numbers of materials.

  • 1x Power Supply Unit
  • 1x Circuit Board
  • 1x Tech Scrap
  • 1x Case Fan

You can find all of these materials by breaking the PCs in the cafeteria so, it shouldn’t be hard to get these materials. Once you have crafted the Energy Brick, go to the cafeteria door with the Energy Brick in your inventory and interact with the spot where the Energy Brick is required to be placed. It will open the door and give you access to the Plaza area.

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