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Abiotic Factor: How to Get the Backpack



Abiotic Factor: How to Get the Backpack

The GATE facility is enriched with several variety of resources and materials that players can gather by simply picking them up or dismantling items. With a large variety of materials, you do need a large inventory space to pick up all the possible items in each area as you explore them. Increasing your inventory space will require you to equip a backpack which will give you additional inventory slots.

This guide will tell you how to get the backpack in Abiotic Factor.

How to Get the Backpack in Abiotic Factor

There are a couple of ways through which you can get the Backpacks in Abiotic Factor. The first method is to find the various types of Backpack while exploring the areas and the second method is to craft one.

Crafting a Backpack in Abiotic Factor

As crafting a backpack looks to be a safer method, it doesn’t give you many inventory slots because there is only one Backpack, a Makeshift Backpack that you will be able to craft and it only gives 3 additional inventory slots. However, if you are in need of a backpack, you can make the Makeshift Backpack for earlier exploring endeavors with the following materials.

  • 2x Cloth Scrap
  • 1x Metal Pipe

NOTE: The Makeshift Backpack can be both crafted in hand and at the Crafting Bench.

Where to Find the Basic Backpack in Abiotic Factor

Now, the best way to get a backpack is through exploring the areas and one of the better options that you can get quite early in the game is the Basic Backpack. It is better than the makeshift backpack as it gives 6 additional inventory slots and finding it is very easy.

To get the Basic backpack, you need to access the Plaza area by opening the Cafeteria Door. Once you are in the Plaza, head up to Level 2 until you reach the reception. Go to the left side of the reception to find the Janitor’s Closet. Inside the Janitor’s Closet, there will be a Basic backpack along with very useful materials that you can gather.

Additionally, there are several other rooms in the Plaza that will have a Basic Backpack tucked away in a corner somewhere so keep your eyes peeled to get one if you haven’t got one already. Fortunately, you will not lose the backpack if you get killed at any point in your playthrough. However, the items will be dropped at your last death spot so you will have to retrieve the items by going back to the spot.

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