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Abiotic Factor: How to Get the Crafting Bench



Abiotic Factor: How to Get the Crafting Bench

Surviving in the depths of an underground facility called the GATE will require you to stack up on all kinds of resources that might come in handy in your playthrough. As you can use various items to craft several useful items in your hand like Bandages and Throw Nets, all the rest of the essential items for putting together your base will require a Crafting Bench. Moreover, progressing in the main story will also require you to craft certain items that are required to be crafted on a Crafting Bench.

This guide will tell you how to get the Crafting Bench in Abiotic Factor.

How to Get the Crafting Bench in Abiotic Factor

Getting a Crafting Bench in Abiotic Factor requires you to first learn its recipe like most of the items. However, unlike the recipes that are instantly known by picking up a certain material or handed to you over by speaking to a particular character, you need to figure out its recipe on your own.

This is where the Research feature of the game comes into play requiring you to figure out the recipe to build a Crafting Bench using the possible materials at your disposal. After learning the recipe, you will be able to craft the Crafting Bench with the required numbers of needed materials.

How to Figure out the Recipe for Crafting Bench in Abiotic Factor

To get the recipe for the Crafting Bench, go to the Crafting and Research tab in the menu and select the IDEA: Crafting Bench. It will show you the potential recipe items needed to figure out the recipe along with the boxes where you need to drag and place the correct materials. The correct materials to figure out the recipe for the Crafting Bench are the following.

  • Power Supply Unit
  • Duct Tape
  • Metal Pipe

Upon placing these materials in their respective box, click the Brain below to unlock the Crafting Bench.

How to Craft and Build the Crafting Bench in Abiotic Factor

To craft the Crafting Bench, simply head over to the Crafting and Research tab and select the Crafting Bench recipe. It will require the following numbers of materials to craft it.

  • 4x Duct Tape
  • 1x Power Supply Unit
  • 2x Metal Pipe

Once the crafting bench is crafted, it will be stored in your inventory. Press the respective button on the keyboard to equip the crafting bench and it will show the placement location in the front. Now, before placing it anywhere, make sure that there is a power socket nearby because you need to power up the Crafting Station before you can use it to craft anything.

It is best to place it in front of the power socket so that you can power it up easily. Accept to place it down and then you must have a Screwdriver to complete building it. You can find the screwdriver mostly in the toolboxes.

Once the building is complete, connect the power switch to the Crafting Bench to complete the process of crafting and building it. Now, it will be ready to craft all of the available recipes on it.

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