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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Ask Daisy Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Ask Daisy Quest

Ask Daisy is a Friendship Quest for Daisy in Disney Dreamlight Valley that becomes available after completing the Dots & Daisies quest and reaching Friendship Level 7 with Daisy. This guide will walk you through how to complete the Ask Daisy quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the Ask Daisy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Starting the Quest

Speak to Daisy once you have reached Friendship Level 7 with her and completed the prior Friendship Quest named Dots & Daisies. Speaking to Daisy will reveal that she wants to bring back the Dreamlight Gazette and the “Ask Daisy” section.

Gather the Materials and Craft the Advice Box

After speaking with Daisy, she will ask you to craft the Advice Box for which you have to gather the following materials.

  • 15x Hardwood – Foraged near the trees in the Sunlit Plateau, Glade of Trust, Forest of Valor, and Frosted Heights biomes.
  • 3x Iron Ingot – Obtained by crafting at a Crafting Station.
  • 5x Amethyst – Obtained by mining the nodes in the Frosted Heights and the Forgotten Lands biomes.

Once you have gathered all the required materials, go to the Crafting Station to craft the Advice Box. Navigate to the Functional Items tab to find the recipe for the Advice Box and then craft it. Now, go to Daisy to give her the Advice Box.

Take Pictures for Minnie

After giving the Advice Box to Daisy, speak with Minnie. She will tell you to take the following pictures for her.

  • The Giant Willow Tree in the Glade of Trust biome.
  • The Pillar of Friendship in the Peaceful Meadow biome.
  • Any Statue in the Mystical Cave – Go down one floor into the Mystical Cave in the Dazzle Beach to find the statues.

Once you have taken all the photos for Minnie, return to her and speak with her.

Check on the Advice Box near Daisy’s House

Go to Daisy’s House and look around it to find the Advice Box. Interact with it and a few letters will drop on the ground. Pick up the letters and bring them to Daisy.

Help Daisy fulfill these Villagers’ requests

There will be two requests for the following villagers that you must complete to progress further in this quest.

Check on the Advice Box near Daisy’s House again

Once you have completed the requests for the villagers, go back to the Advice Box to see if there are any further letters in it. Interact with it and pick up the letter. Bring it to Daisy and she will tell you to make the Glade of Trust more relaxing.

Make Glade of Trust more relaxing

Go to the Glade of Trust biome and the following furniture items to the biome to make it more relaxing.

  • 1x Outdoor Seating
  • 1x An Outdoor Table
  • 3x Casual Décor

You can find all of the valid furniture items under the Requests section of the Furniture Menu. Simply select and place the items in the biome to progress ahead.

Completing the Quest

Once you have placed the furniture items in the Glade of Trust biome, speak with Mother Gothel. After speaking with her, go back to Daisy to speak with her to conclude the quest.


Completing the Ask Daisy quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 2,200 Friendship Points
  • Daisy’s Advice Box

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