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ABRISS Build to Destroy – Review



ABRISS Build to Destroy - Review

When it comes to puzzle games, there are several puzzle games out there with various physics mechanics that will test your brain’s limits to your potential and it is a great way to spend your time and test your limits at the same time. The puzzle games have gradually decreased throughout gaming genre expansion but recently a block-building puzzle game named ABRISS Build to Destroy was released which caught our attention. ABRISS Build to Destroy is a physics destruction puzzle game with great physics mechanics that will keep you engaged in various levels of the Worlds that the game offers and this is our review of ABRISS Build to Destroy game.

ABRISS Build to Destroy – Review

ABRISS Build to Destroy was developed and published by Randwerk and the full release of the game came out on September 6, 2023. The game has been in Early Access since April 2022 and it’s been getting quite the positive feedback on the creative levels and the physics mechanics.

Gameplay of ABRISS Build to Destroy

The premise of the game is quite clear from the name of the game itself. You will get to build blocks of various kinds and attach various components to your blocks to destroy the pre-made building blocks with a Red Marker. There are limited tries to each level and each level’s difficulty increases from the previous one. At the start of each level, it is crucial to look at the blocks that you need to destroy and demonstrate your strategy of making the blocks to accomplish that objective. As there is no linear way to destroy the block, you can make anything to destroy the block using all the limited blocks and components for each level.

The game is forgiving as well because it lets you pick a hint for the level as well. You will get a full demonstration of how you can complete the level by viewing the visual hint. Apart from that, you can stop and undo your moves at any time which gives you full control of how you want to end the level.

Playable Modes in ABRISS Build to Destroy

There are 3 different playable modes from which you can select anyone to play, Campaign, Sandbox, and Endless. The campaign is the primary mode of the game in which you can complete various levels of 5 different and unique Worlds. The Sandbox allows you to create anything you want by using an unlimited number of blocks and components to make your level. You have the freedom to upload your created map on Steam Community to let other players try your level. The endless mode is simple and you constantly break the blocks throughout your gameplay in a never-ending level.

Level Design and Sound

The level design of the World and the levels in it is of top-notch quality. The aesthetics of the world will leave you astounding as you delve into the music playing in the background as well as the breaking of the blocks. Each world is uniquely designed and you will get to test new components in each world which will help you clear the levels. So, it is a great thing that you get to digest more as you progress more of the game.


Apart from the general gameplay, game design, and modes, there are other various things that the game offers that are much appreciated. The game has the full support of a controller meaning if you want to play the game with a controller then you can do that. You can set the performance settings of the game according to which type of PC you are using, Potato, Older Gaming PC, or New Gaming PC. The photo mode of the game looks good and is easy to use as well and you can create your own GIF nice and easy.

Verdict – Score 9/10

ABRISS Build to Destroy is an amazing building block and destroying puzzle game that will keep you engaged throughout the levels. As you complete the main campaign which roughly takes more than a couple of hours, depending on how you use your brain to tackle each level, you can jump into the Sandbox to create your levels or download other players’ levels to test your potential even further. There is a lot of freedom in this small but deeply enhanced physics game in which you can spend hours just making blocks and get satisfaction as you destroy the pre-built blocks.

ABRISS Build to Destroy is now available on PC.

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