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AC New Horizons: How to Get Gyroid Shards and Farm Gyroids



AC New Horizons: How to Get Gyroid Shards and Farm Gyroids

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has given and taken the content and has added a ton of new features through free updates. Precisely, with its 2.0 update, gyroid fragments were included in the game, a type of object that players can get and cultivate to obtain curious decorative gyroids in exchange. If you don’t know what to do to get them, don’t worry, next in this entry of our complete guide we will reveal how to get gyroids in AC: New Horizons

How to get gyroid fragments?

The first step to being able to get gyroid fragments in AC: New Horizons is to update the game to its latest version (at least to version 2.0 that adds these objects). The update is free and you simply have to connect your console to the Internet to download it. Keep in mind that it occupies about 7 GB, so make sure you have enough space to install it.

Once this is done and with the game already updated, you should know that gyroid fragments can only be obtained when traveling by boat with the Captain to mysterious islands, from the dock of your island. But be careful, it is not the aerodrome dock , but the other small and lonely dock that is at a point on your island.

  • As of update 2.0, the Captain will always be available on the dock.
  • With this character, you can take island tours to mysterious islands in exchange for 1,000 Nook miles for each trip.
  • Pay the Captain and travel to a random island.
  • Upon reaching the island, he begins exploring for holes in the ground (such as the holes in which fossils are hidden ).
  • When you find one of these holes, use your shovel to dig and you can get a gyroid shard.

As we say, the gyroid fragments are only found in this way and only on the mysterious islands that you visit by boat with the Captain (not on the desert islands of the airfield). So if you want to get a lot of gyroid fragments you will have to make numerous trips to mysterious islands to search for them in the holes in the ground.

How to grow and get animated gyroids

Once you’ve obtained a Gyroid Shard, you can farm it on your island to grow it into an animated Gyro (something Brewester’s character explains to you when you meet him, and actually gives you a first Gyroid Shard). And how do you do this? Very easy:

  • Find any point on your island where there is grass.
  • Get out your shovel and poke a hole in the ground.
  • Now open your inventory and select the gyroid shard you want to farm.
  • Choose the planting option for the gyroid fragment in the hole you made.
  • When the gyroid fragment is already buried, take out your watering can and water with water the hole.
  • You will know that you have done well because a small stream of smoke will start to come out of the hole.

After watering your gyroid fragment, you only have to wait 1 day for it to fully grow. Then go to the place where you buried it and you can collect it for your inventory. Note that there are many different types of animated gyroids, but you will always get a random one when farming a gyroid shard, so you can never be sure which one will touch you.

Mainly the use that you can give these animated gyroids is as decorative motifs. They emit special sounds (in the company of other gyroids they can be combined in almost unlimited ways) and their colors can even be customized from a DIY bench.

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