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Age of Wonders 4: All Types of Affinities



Age of Wonders 4: All Types of Affinities

Affinities are like the Skills of your Society/Faction that you will choose depending upon which route you want to take for your society. When you select the Tome at the start of your gameplay, you will be basically choosing an affinity path for your society. Each Tome gives out 2 Points for a certain Affinity Type so, choosing Tomes will also play an important role in which affinity you want to spend points.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you all types of Affinities in Age of Wonders 4.

All Types of Affinities in Age of Wonders 4

When you have created your faction and selected a magic class of your society, you will be given two points in that current affinity type. If you have chosen a Tome of Nature, you will have 2 Affinity Points in Nature Affinity and it goes the same for the rest of the Affinities. Now, as you progress in the game by completing the missions, you will get access to higher tiers Tomes which will give more points in the respected affinities. You will have to choose a certain tome in which you want your society to be built.

All Types of Affinities in Age of Wonders 4

Each of the Affinity has 13 different skills in them in which you can spend points by getting the required Tomes. The more you spend points on a specific affinity, the more your society will take turns to that affinity lifestyle. If you want to build your society in a calm and healing way then nature tomes are the way to go and if you want to build them darker and necromancer way then Shadow Tomes are the way to go. Now, keep in mind that getting the points will only unlock the skill. However, you will still have to buy the skill in order to equip yourself with a currency called Imperium which is the main currency of the game.

All the Affinities in Age of Wonders 4 are the following.

  • Materium Affinity: Materium affinity is focused on getting more Draft so, you can send out troops faster. There are a number of skills in this affinity that you can equip to gain more gold and much more. If you are looking for a decent strong society then you can look into the Materium Affinity.
  • Chaos Affinity: Chaos Affinity is all focused on Battles. If you want to increase your chances or get more loot by winning battles then you need to get some points in Chaos Affinity. It is one of the best affinities for the mid-game.
  • Shadow Affinity: Shadow Affinity is all focused on necromancy and gaining Knowledge which is very important in the Age of Wonders 4. You can combine this affinity with the Chaos affinity to raise your chances of conquering the city more effectively.
  • Astral Affinity: Astral Affinity is also focused on gaining knowledge along with providing magical troops to conquest the city. With the Tomes equipped with Astral, you can unlock some really good skills which will help you in combat.
  • Order Affinity: Order Affinity is focused on building relations with other cities. There are a number of skills in the Order Affinity Tree that will help you unlock a number of relations and Whispering Stones that can be very useful for the future of your society.
  • Nature Affinity: Nature Affinity is focused on providing your society with more food on their farms along with more health regeneration for the troops. This affinity has some of the very powerful skills that will help your population stability along with your troops in the battle.
All Types of Affinities in Age of Wonders 4

Now, by giving a brief introduction about each affinity on what types of skills they hold, you will have to pick up different tomes each time when you get the chance. It will let you test all the different playstyles for your faction. You can equip the most useful skills that you find in each of the affinities to make things easier for your society/faction. You can mix and match different affinities with each other to build yourself a strong army.

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