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Age of Wonders 4: How to Get Mana



How to Get Mana in Age of Wonders 4

Mana is the resource that is used to cast spells and summon magical troops during combat. As you learn different spells by unlocking tomes, you will be needing a required amount of Mana in order to cast the learned spell. The more you develop your city and increase your army, the more Mana you will be required to cast the World spells and Combat spells.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get Mana in Age of Wonders 4.

How to Get Mana in Age of Wonders 4

You will start with a certain amount of Mana just like the rest of the Main Resources in the game. When you create your Faction and declare its traits, you will get to select the Tomes which will give you a couple of bonuses along with spells. Now, in order to cast these Spells or summon magical troops, you must have enough amount of Mana. If you don’t have enough Mana, you will not be able to cast the spells.

Mana can be seen on top of your screen and in order to increase the Mana, you will have to do the following things.

  • You can get Mana by building City Structures such as Shrine, Obelisk, Monolith, and Mages Guild. All four of these structures will give you a certain increase in your total Mana.
  • When you annex a province, you need to select the Conduits and Research Posts to be built on Province Improvements to earn Mana. You can also select the Sanctuary for Special Province Improvement to gain extra Mana.
  • You can build the Mana Node in your Domain to earn Mana as well.
  • You can earn more Mana by unlocking certain skills in the Affinity Skill Trees.
  • Mana can also be earned by trading with other empires and city-states.

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