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Albert Penello claims that with PS5, Sony has validated Microsoft’s strategies



"The days of consoles are numbered": PS5 and Xbox Series may be the last gaming devices from Sony and Microsoft - experts

The Playstation event left us interesting news, we have seen several multiplatform games and we know a little more about the roadmap of the Japanese for the new generation that is coming in just a couple of months.

Several journalists in the sector complain that there are still many things that we do not even know, and the communication strategy is quite improvable.

Sony and PS5 look a lot like Xbox …

There are already many voices that have spoken of a company without a defined direction. And Albert Penello, formerly of Microsoft, has told on Twitter that the changes that Sony is taking somehow validate the strategies that Microsoft has been taking over the years.

Interesting turn of events today. Things that were deemed central to Sony’s philosophy like “We believe in generations” and bad messaging from Microsoft like “console exclusive, and also available for PC” were accepted into today’s show. Good validation for the Xbox strategy.

I just remember all the crap that was thrown at Aaron Greenberg about the “Console Exclusive” message, which was very clear and very accurate, only to have it appear at the top of the Sony show today. I guess there will be a flood of apologies on Aaron’s feed …

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