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All about greenhouses in Farming Simulator 22 – why they are needed, how to build them, and how to provide water



All about greenhouses in Farming Simulator 22 - why they are needed, how to build them, and how to provide water

Farming Simulator 22 is the most modern farmer simulator at the moment. In it, you have to deal with agriculture and animal husbandry, sow fields, and harvest. And to keep growing crops in the winter, you need greenhouses. We will tell you about them in this guide.

What are greenhouses for in Farming Simulator 22

Greenhouses allow farming even in winter when it snows. In them, you can grow vegetables and fruits, and then store them in pallets, use them as raw materials, or sell them. The choice between storage, distribution, and sale is done in the menu of each individual greenhouse.

How to build a greenhouse in Farming Simulator 22

  • Open the “Construction” mode. You can use the keyboard shortcut Shift + R.
  • Select the Manufacturing menu.
  • Click on the “Greenhouses” item.

You will be offered three types of greenhouses to choose from – small, medium, and large. They differ not only in size but also in price. The most expensive of them costs 10,000 euros. If you have free space on the site, it makes no sense to build small or medium-sized greenhouses – it is easier to immediately put large ones.

Water is the only resource that will be required for greenhouses to function. You can build a water tank next to them. To do this, open the “Build” menu, then “Buildings”, and then select the required tank among the containers.

In this case, the water will be paid for. There is also an alternative – to carry water to the greenhouses from the nearest rivers or lakes. In this case, you only have to spend money on a tractor and a tank. Just drive up to the reservoir, fill the tank with water (the message “Start filling” should appear), and take it to the greenhouse. We described how to acquire equipment in a separate guide.

What crops can be grown in greenhouses

Greenhouses can grow tomatoes, lettuce, and strawberries. Finished products will appear next to the greenhouse. You can drag it manually or use a loader. Production will not stop even if the space next to the greenhouse is full.

Strawberries are cheaper than tomatoes, but they grow faster. However, if you are aiming to sell, then grow the most expensive crop first – lettuce. In this case, it is advisable to monitor price fluctuations. Selling salad at the end of February is most profitable. We described how the sale of goods in Farming Simulator 22 works in a separate article.

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