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A member of the US Space Forces was demoted for skipping training to buy a PS5



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A recent Space Force letter of reprimand is truly a sight to behold. According to the letter, the space force member was demoted for missing about half an hour of physical training. He showed up for classes much later, as he toured all the nearest major stores in search of the PlayStation 5.

The senior officer in his report stated that the space force member was late, despite several reminders of the beginning of training, and responded to the remark with the phrase: “We live once, PS5 is more important than a reprimand “(“Yolo, PS5 > letters of discipline”).

“You were late to work and insinuated to your supervisor that buying a PlayStation was more important to you than the disciplinary consequences of your actions,” read the letter. “Your actions are an extreme deviation from the professionalism expected of you as a member of the armed forces.”

As a result, the Space Force member has knocked down a rank from Senior Airman to Airman 1st Class on Tuesday, the letter read. It might have been a worthwhile trade-off to get a highly sought-after PlayStation 5, but the letter does not indicate whether his search was successful.

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