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Analyst says Nintendo will release 4K version of Switch this year and the price should be $399



Rumor: Nintendo will release a new model of switch

Analyst Serkan Toto from the company Kantan Games predicts that in 2020, Nintendo will release an improved version of the Switch with support for 4K. According to him, there is no doubt that the company will do it this year. The price should be $399.

The device will have to be released immediately after the summer to avoid competition with the start of sales of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Also for this version of the console, Nintendo will have to release a new hit with an improved graphics. According to him, Microsoft will release more games on the Switch this year.

Earlier, the analyst said that in 2019, the Lite and Pro versions of the Nintendo Switch will be released. It is obvious that his forecast coincided by 50%.

Here are his last year’s prediction:

  • Switch Pro and Lite for 2019 ( he got the “Lite” brand name right) 50% correct
  • No PS5 or new Xbox launch – 100% right
  • No breakthrough in gaming for crypto, blockchain, VR and AR( right)
  • More China and Korea power in Japan(right)


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