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Announcement trailer and details of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League of Rocksteady – it will come out in 2022



Announcement trailer and details of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League of Rocksteady - it will come out in 2022
  • Suicide Squad is set in Metropolis – “no one has ever shown this city in such detail.” This is an open-world title.
  • The goal of the heroes is indeed the destruction of the Justice League – they will be set against the superheroes by Amanda Wheeler herself. In the first trailer, the characters encounter Superman. Apparently, they cannot refuse this mission, since miniature bombs are implanted in their heads.
  • Key characters are Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Shark King, and Captain Boomerang. All of them are represented in one way or another in Suicide Squads by David Ayer and James Gunn. The second will have the Shark King.
  • Rocksteady promises to maintain its signature approach to characters and storytelling.
  • The developers note that for them this is the next step in terms of gameplay. The studio has never done anything like this. And the innovative part will be just the ability to play as a squad, and not as one character.
  • The official genre is a third-person shooter with action elements.
  • The campaign can be completed both alone with AI partners, and with friends. Both approaches can be combined.
  • When passing a campaign without online, it will be possible to instantly switch between characters, each of which will have its own battle.
  • There will be both firearms and cold ones. The combat system will be the development of that of the games in the Arkham series.
  • The release is slated for 2022 and will only take place on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. This is a next-generation title.
  • This Suicide Squad exists in the Arkham universe – unlike Warner Bros. Montreal. At the same time, players have already noticed that Deadshot has become black – in the Batman games, he was white.

Earlier, Jason Schreier reported that initially WB Montreal was involved in the game for the “Squad” (they will release Gotham Knights in 2021), and in 2017 there was a castling between the studios. That is why even five years after the release of Arkham Knight, both projects are far from complete, and the “Squad” was presented only with a CGI trailer.

Currently, Warner Bros. develops two “Suicide Squads” at once – fiction and cinematic. The second, directed by James Gunn, was also presented at DC FanDome a few hours earlier.

On August 22nd, the announcement of Gotham Knights from the authors of Arkham Origins also took place. It tells about another version of the DC Universe, where Batman (supposedly) dies, and his heirs stand up to protect the city. This game will also have a co-op, but only for two. And it is also optional. Its release is scheduled for 2021.

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