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Microsoft supports Epic in conflict with Apple, asking not to delete its developer accounts



Microsoft decided to sue the rights to the Minecraft trademark in Russia

Microsoft’s statement was shared by the head of Xbox Phil Spencer. It’s not about Epic’s original requirements, but about requests from the creators of Unreal Engine to keep them accessing developer accounts on the Apple platform.

We filed an application today in support of Epic Games’ request to keep its access to Apple’s Unreal Engine toolbox. Keeping Epic’s access to the latest Apple technology will be the right choice for developers and gamers.

Phil Spencer
head Xbox

In its document, the company says that the Unreal Engine is a critical engine for many developers around the world, including Microsoft itself, many of whose games for Xbox and PC are created on it.

Microsoft also noted that while large studios can afford to develop their own game engines, smaller teams are much more profitable to use off-the-shelf technologies like the Unreal Engine.

Many indie developers don’t have the resources or ability to write their own engine. They rely entirely on third-party technologies.

from Microsoft statement

The Epic vs. Apple standoff began on August 13 over Fortnite. The game developers added their in-game currency payment system to the applications, bypassing Apple’s service fee, after which the second removed the online action from the mobile store. Epic has filed a lawsuit against Apple, believing that the company maintains a monopoly by cutting off any competition.

Once submitted Apple lawsuit said of Epic, which will remove it from your system developer account August 28, depriving them of their ability to support the applications on iOS and Mac and to produce new ones.

This may mean that the Unreal Engine, in principle, will no longer be supported by Apple systems, and games on this engine will not be able to be released on iOS. As Epic itself says, not only they will suffer, but also many other developers who work with its engine.

At the same time, Microsoft has its own conflict with Apple, since it previously refused to launch iCloud on iOS. Apple explained this by the fact that such services allow you to run applications that it has not tested.

As for the proceedings with Epic Games, Apple said that before the conflict began, Tim Sweeney tried to achieve special conditions for his company, also mentioning that he would like the same for other companies.

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