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Rumor points to a new Nintendo Direct for next week



Rumor: Two More Games Allegedly Leaked for Upcoming Nintendo Direct

It seems that the rumors of Nintendo Direct continue to circulate. In the last few hours, new information from one of the media has gained strength, which accumulates a fairly important record of success.

This is Jeff Grubb from the VentureBeat medium. On previous occasions, this industry insider has leaked details that later became reality. Now he has set off all the alarms by mentioning the term “Nintendo Direct”, placing one for next week with a specific date.

In a recent episode of GamesBeat Decides, Grubb has shared these words, where a specific date is mentioned: August 28 :

I heard a few things and I think there is a good chance there will be a Nintendo Direct next week, on Friday [28]. That is the date I heard.

In the past, he already indicated that there would be two presentations this August: one for indies and another in the form of a Nintendo Direct Mini. The first of them have already been carried out this week, so we will have to wait and see if that date of August 28 that he shares now is correct too.

It does not seem to go into details about the type of Direct that will be this time, so it is not clear if it will be normal, Mini, or a Partner Showcase. However, in the same program, he has shared that he expects there to be a presentation focused on first-party games before mid-September, when the information session announced by Nintendo a few days ago will take place for September 16.

At the end of that Direct, they said: “We will have more Partner Showcases soon”, so whatever I hear, in the back of my mind, always sounds like an echo… I think there is data that suggests that next week we will have a general Direct and it seems that a general Direct is coming.

I heard that even before Nintendo announced that they were going to have a special meeting with investors in mid-September.

I think it makes perfect sense for them to release a Direct before that happens, so they don’t have to answer questions like What games are on the way?

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