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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – How to Defeat The Nightmare | Retribution (Final Boss Fight)



Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - The Nightmare and Retribution

The Nightmare is the final boss fight in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden that players will get to encounter in the ‘Homecoming’, the final main quest of the game. It is the second encounter with The Nightmare in the game as the first encounter did not go in the favor of the protagonists and they are back for revenge and the fate of Antea.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat The Nightmare and Retribution in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

How to Defeat The Nightmare and Retribution in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

The fight against the final boss will take place two times, the first time it will be The Nightmare who will have a similar attack pattern as the very first encounter at the beginning of the game, and the second one will be Retribution who will have a change attack pattern with more aggression. Both of the bosses have three health segments with each one referring to a single phase of the fight.

The Nightmare

The Nightmare uses duplication and teleportation attacks along with some slash attacks. You can counter the slash attacks easily by parrying or dodging and for the duplication attack, you will have to find the real Nightmare to keep dealing damage. As the fight goes on and you move on to the next phases, the Nightmare will use a few more attacks but nothing too difficult to tackle.

1st Phase

The first phase of the boss fight is simple and easy to tackle as the Nightmare will use the slash attacks frequently with a few duplication and teleportation tricks. As the fight starts, land a charged attack on her and then follow it with the regular strikes. Keep your focus on the Nightmare as it will help you figure out the real Nightmare if she uses the duplication. When she does, attack the real one to make the fake ones disappear. The teleportation attack is easy to tackle as whenever she teleports near you, you will get the red indication in the angle she teleported. So, if she is close to you, dodge away and reengage with a charged attack.

Upon depleting the first health segment of The Nightmare, go near her to perform banishment to move on to the next phase of the fight.

2nd Phase

During the second phase of the fight, The Nightmare will have additional attacks including throwing lightning shards and screeching. The lightning shards can be dodged easily and you can reengage with a combo attack. However, for the screeching, she releases a wave when she does that attack. Hold the block key to neglect the damage by the wave while staying close to her and you will have the advantage to land a couple of charged attacks.

The rest of the attacks of the Nightmare will be the same so follow the steps from the previous phase and don’t forget to use your rifle if she is at a distance to deal damage to her. Once you have depleted the second health segment of The Nightmare, go near her to perform the Banishment and initiate the final phase of the first boss fight.

3rd Phase

The third phase of the fight is similar to the second phase but the Nightmare will use charged attacks more frequently in this phase. Dodge the incoming charged attack whenever you see an orange circle on her and then follow with a charged attack of your own. The rest of the fight is similar to the previous phases and you can deal extensive damage by using the Spectral abilities of Antea to defeat her quickly.

Once you have depleted the final health segment of The Nightmare, perform the Banishment to defeat her.


Retribution is a more aggressive version of The Nightmare and she uses several AOE attacks along with all the attacks of The Nightmare. She moves more frequently and spawns more duplicates during the fight. As you move on to the higher phases of the fight, she will get more aggressive and will use charged attacks frequently.

1st Phase

During the first phase of the fight, Retribution will use similar attacks to The Nightmare but will also use the AOE attack. Move away from the AOE impact area whenever it spawns beneath you to dodge the attack and focus on Retribution. You can easily finish the first phase by switching to Antea and using the Spectral abilities.

Upon depleting the first health segment of Retribution, go near her to perform the Banishment and move on to the next phase.

2nd Phase

In the second phase, Retribution will have an additional attack of spreading the red ooze and exploding it. She will spray the red ooze onto you and around the area and later she will explode it. Additionally, she will use more slashing attacks and lighting shards but they will deal more damage if you get hit by them as these attacks are more advanced. It is best to dodge these attacks instead of trying and parrying them.

Use the Rifle more in this phase and try to stay away from Retribution as she will spread the red ooze from time to time. Once you have depleted the second health segment, go near her and perform the banishment to move on to the final phase.

3rd Phase

The final phase is the hardest as Retribution will spawn a spectral creature as her charged attack and she will be even more aggressive with her attacks throughout this phase. She will also use a ground slam attack so, keep your distance when she goes high in the air. Similar to the second phase, try to dodge the attacks in this phase as there aren’t many that you can parry and most of the attacks she will do will be unblockable attacks.

Your best bet to finish her as quickly as possible is to perform the banishment whenever the banishment gauge charges and then quickly switch to Antea to use all the Spectral abilities. It will deal extensive damage to her and most probably knock her down.

Upon depleting the final health segment of Retribution, it will conclude the final boss fight of the game.

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