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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – How to Defeat The Puppeteer



Banishers - Defeat the Puppeteer

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden has several bosses that players will get to encounter including both the main bosses of the story and the optional bosses. The second main boss that players will get to defeat in the main story is The Puppeteer during the tenth main quest, ‘A Flame in the Dark’.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat The Puppeteer in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

How to Defeat the Puppeteer in Banishers

The boss fight against the Puppeteer is different than the normal boss fights in the game. This big humanoid creature will be chained up throughout the whole fight and the only way to deal damage to it and defeat it is by breaking the chains. Before I move on to the method to break the chains, you must know that this boss fight is also divided into three different phases with three different health segments of Puppeteer.

The Puppeteer’s main attacks revolve around several AOE attacks which include ground waves and the slamming of walls which will make rain of boulders on top of you. In addition to these attacks, the Mine Bonewalkers will spawn throughout the fight making it tougher for you to actually tackle the boss.

Despite the Bonewalkers, you need to focus on the chains on the walls to defeat the Puppeteer. Switch to Antea to view the chains on the wall and wait for Puppeteer to do a ground wave. As she does the ground wave, one of the chain points will turn orange (weak). Here, you need to quickly switch to Red and use the Rifle to shoot at the weak chain point to break the chain which ends up damaging the Puppeteer.

This is the main and only strategy for the whole fight but as you end each phase, you will be put through the darkness from where you need to find your way out to continue the fight.

1st Phase

The first phase is very simple and easy to complete. Switch to Antea at the start and wait for the chain to weaken. Once it does, switch to Red and shoot it to break the chain. You can try and evade the Bonewalker by dodging continuously and just focusing on the chains to end the phase. Upon breaking all three chains, the Bonewalkers will disappear and you will be able to go near Puppeteer and perform the Banishment.

As you perform the Banishment, Puppeteer will chain up Antea and put you in the darkness with several Bonewalkers. Defeat the Bonewalkers and follow the voice of Antea to find the correct mirror to free her and start the second phase.

2nd Phase

The second phase is very similar to the first phase but here she will spawn more Bonewalkers and the time limit for the weakened chains will be shorter. You need to be quick on shooting the weakened chains as they will turn blue quickly after they get weak. Keep your distance from the Bonewalkers or just switch to Antea to keep dodging and whenever a chain is weakened, switch to Red to shoot it and break it. Once you have broken all three chains, go to Puppeteer and perform the Banishment to initiate the end sequence of the phase.

Once again, you will be put into the darkness with Antea locked up by the Puppeteer. Defeat the Bonewalkers and follow the voice of Antea to free her and initiate the final phase.

3rd Phase

The third phase of the fight is almost the same as the second phase with more Bonewalkers and less time to shoot at the chains but during this phase, the Puppeteer will also have an additional attack where it would throw spinning blades at you.

For the rest of the fight, simply repeat the process of dodging the Bonewalkers and breaking the chains to perform the final Banishment on Puppeteer.

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