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Skull and Bones: How to Get Greenheart Planks



Skull and Bones - Greenheart Planks

There are several refined materials in the world of Skull and Bones that players will get to find while exploring, scavenging, and sinking the enemy’s vessels. As refined materials are used for crafting various weapons, tools, and armor, one of the materials that is essential for crafting stronger ships and other items is the Greenheart Planks.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Greenheart Planks in Skull and Bones.

How to Get Greenheart Planks in Skull and Bones

There are various ways to get Greenheart Planks in Skull and Bones which include using the Greenheart in the Refinery to make Greenheart Planks, purchasing them from various vendors across the world, and sinking enemy ships to loot their Cargo. The most efficient way to get Greenheart Planks in Skull and Bones is through refining them at the Refinery. To do so, you will have to harvest the Greenheart found in the Red Isles region.

However, before you set sail to harvest the Greenheart, you need to craft the Saw tool at the Carpenter shop. Fortunately, you get the blueprint for the Saw along with other tools including a Pickaxe and a Sickle earlier in the game. Make your way to the Carpenter and select the ‘Craft New Items’ option to craft the Saw with the required materials and a cost of 20 silver.

Once you have crafted the Saw tool, make your way to the Red Isles region and then open the map and look for Greenheart wood. Simply go to the nodes’ locations and start harvesting the Greenheart. Upon gathering 5x Greenheart, you will be able to refine 1x Greenheart Plank with them at the Refinery. Harvest as much Greenheart as you can in one run and then go to the Refinery to make Greenheart Planks. Refining each Greenheart Plank will cost 5x Greenheart and 20 Silver, and each one will be crafted in three seconds.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, you can also purchase the Greenheart Planks from the vendors/settlements. You can find various settlements in the Red Isles region that will sell you Greenheart Planks for 110 Silver each. As it is a much more expensive method than refining them on your own, you can also sink the various enemy ships in the Red Isles region to get a few Greenheart Planks from looting their Cargo.

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