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Skull and Bones: How to Get & Farm Pieces of Eight



Skull and Bones - Get and Farm Pieces of Eight

There are multiple currencies in Skull and Bones that players will get to earn throughout their playthrough from early-game to end-game content. The primary currency is Silver which is used for almost everything in the game from trading with merchants to fast traveling around the world. However, once players have reached the end game, they will be introduced to Pieces of Eight, mainly used for purchasing various items from the Black Market inside the Pirates Den. 

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get and farm the Pieces of Eight currency in Skull and Bones.

How to Get Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones

Pieces of Eight can be earned through various means but first players will have to unlock the Helm for which they will have to reach Infamy Rank Brigand and speak with Yanita at the ‘Le Pont Muet’ bar in the Saint-Anne outpost. Here, players will be able to accept the ‘A Covert Initiation’ contract which will require them to pay a fee of 2,500 Silver to get introduced to the Helm.

From there, accept the ‘Taking the Helm’ contract to get introduced to all the facilities inside the Helm which will allow them to understand the smuggling operations. These smuggling operations are the core base for earning Pieces of Eight and once players have comprehended themselves with the facilities inside the Helm, they will get to start earning Pieces of Eight by producing Goods at the Distillery and the Laboratory and then delivering them to smugglers.

Speaking of producing Goods, there are several goods that players will be able to produce both in the Distillery and Laboratory using the required materials. However, it is important to understand that the Distillery is only located in Saint-Anne Pirates Den whereas, the Laboratory is located in Telok Penjarah Pirates Den which is located in the East Indies region and run by Houma, Yanita’s sister.

The Distillery is used for producing alcoholic goods which contain various Rums and Gins and the Laboratory is used for producing drugs that contain Opium and Snuff. To produce the goods, you need to first get your hands on the materials which can be tracked from the Supply Network board in the Helm. Here you will be able to get the materials either by purchasing them from the dealers or attacking certain forts.

Once you have the materials, you need to interact with the Distillery or the Laboratory depending on which good you wish to produce. Select the ‘Provide Materials’ option to view the recipes for the available goods and then select the good and set the quantity to start producing the good. Producing each good will cost a certain amount of materials along with a fee (Silver) and it does take real-life time so, if you are producing rum in high quantity, you will have to wait like half an hour or even an hour for the product to be ready.

Lastly, for the final step, you need to deliver your produced illegal goods to the smugglers to get Pieces of Eight in return. To do so, head over to the Order Registry in The Helm and accept the daily order for the goods. These orders refresh daily (in-game) which takes about an hour and for each order, you have to deliver the goods from Saint-Anne or Telok Penjarah to Fort Louis which is located in the south of the Red Isles region.

Upon accepting the order, you will not be able to fast travel anywhere so you do have to deliver the goods by yourself. Furthermore, as you set sail to Fort Louis, you will be hunted by Rogue Ships along the journey. Once you have reached Fort Louis, deliver the goods and get Pieces of Eight in return

How to Farm Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones

The initial stage of getting Pieces of Eight requires players to complete several steps just to get a few (below 100) Pieces of Eight per delivery. However, there is another but completely different approach to getting Pieces of Eight in Skull and Bones. It requires players to take over the manufactories spread across the Red Isles, Coast of Africa, and East Indies regions. The Manufactories generate a certain amount of Pieces of Eight per hour by producing the same illegal goods.

Instead of producing the illegal goods by yourself, you fund your taken-over manufactories to produce the goods and generate Pieces of Eight which then you need to claim from the manufactory by sailing there and then coming back to Saint-Anne safe and sound to secure the Pieces of Eight.

However, the difficult task in this scenario is taking over the manufactories because it is a PvP event that happens every 30 minutes and you can track the time by interacting with the Helm Empire desk in The Helm. After every 30 minutes, various manufactory locations will be marked on the map with a ‘Hostile Takeover’ notification. All the players will be able to see these marked locations and they can choose to set sail to any manufactory to claim it by defeating any other player and enemies during the event. The event will close once the participant’s percentage reaches 100% for the manufactory and they will be able to fund the manufactory and get a certain amount of Pieces of Eight every hour.

Furthermore, the manufactories have different levels as well so taking over a high-level manufactory will generate more Pieces of Eight per hour. Farming the Pieces of Eight will require you to take over as many manufactories as you can to generate the maximum amount of Pieces of Eight every hour. However, this method is difficult as you will be contesting against other real players to take over the manufactories.

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