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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – Landfall Walkthrough



Banishers Ghosts of New Eden - Landfall Walkthrough

Landfall is the starting chapter for Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden acquainting the players with the abilities of the protagonists along with the investigation and performing ritual systems.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Landfall chapter of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

Landfall – Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

The starting cutscene of the game introduces the protagonists of the game as they reach New Eden. Upon docking on the beach, you will get to play as Antea (female protagonist) and need to follow Red (male protagonist). While following Red, the game will introduce a couple of tips including how to use the camera and how to duck under the obstacles or hop over them.

Soon, you will reach an abandoned rotten house and Red will squeeze through a small opening. Press the prompted button to follow Red but the ceiling will fall, making both the protagonists separated.

Reach New Eden Town

The following scene will give you the first objective to reach New Eden Town. Before you go ahead and break the wooden barriers to squeeze through the rocks, loot a Pyrite from the pot under the shed beside the torn house. You will be needing Pyrite later in the chapter so, it is best to acquire it now. After that, use the attack button to break the wooden barriers on the left side just before the house and go ahead.  

Go along the path and jump to the other side of the bridge to climb up a ledge. Here, you will get to engage in a fight with the first group of Specters. Use the light and heavy attacks to defeat the specters and pick up the Spectral Dust that they left behind at their fall. Continue ahead along the path to get past a small cavern area and as you come out on the road, you will find 3x Leather on the side. Proceed ahead and climb the ledge and jump ahead to see Red fighting beneath the bridge.

As you proceed ahead, you will find the wooden barriers at the end that you need to break using the attacks to get past and you will enter another cavern area. Here, you will get to fight some more Specters and the game will introduce you to using the Banishment ability. Press the X/A button when the Banish gauge is filled up to perform banishment ability eliminating the enemy in a single strike.

Defeat all the enemies and then leave the cave from the other end. As you come out of the cave and go a bit ahead an Alpha Wanderer will show up. Use the Charged Attack to deal more damage and if the banish gauge is charged, use it to eliminate it instantly. Continue ahead to come across a blocked path with wooden barriers. Break them and duck down to meet up with Red.

Follow the road ahead with Red to eventually come across a bridge labeled with ‘New Eden Town’. Crossing this bridge will complete the initial objective and update the objective.

Meet Charles Davenport at the Inn

Continue on the road to enter the town and reach the town square area. From here, head straight and the inn will be in front of you. Entering the Inn will play a cutscene in which you will be introduced to new characters which include Fairefax Haskell, Pennington, and Thickskin Newsmith. After the cutscene, Antea will get to question the Governor and a few dialogue options will come up which will let you learn some of the backstory of the case.

Meet Esther Davenport at her house

Once you have spoken with the Governor, the objective will be updated and require you to speak with Esther Davenport. Go out of the Inn and continue in the northeast direction to come across Davenport’s house. Interacting with the door will play a cutscene in which the protagonists will meet Esther. Similar to the previous meeting here you will get to interrogate Esther about Charles. Select the dialogue options with the objective marker to progress ahead.

After speaking with Esther Davenport, it will initiate the first ‘Haunting Case’ of the game requiring you to investigate the suspicious death of Charles and gather clues to figure out why the ghost of Charles still lingers.

Understand why Charles lingers

Here, you will be free to explore the house to interact with several notes for more lore but the clues for the investigation lie in the study room and bedroom which both are upstairs. Make your way up the stairs and enter the first room on the right to get inside the study room of Charles. Go to the desk in the study room to find a note ‘Scribbled Bible Verses’. Red will pull out a book from one of the shelves and drop a note on the ground. Interact with the note ‘Charles’s Notes’ to conclude the ‘Investigate the Study’ sub-objective.

Leave the study room and enter the next room to start investigating the bedroom. Go to the right side to find a note on the desk ‘Unsent Letter to Esther’s Sister’. It will complete the ‘Investigate the bedroom’ sub-objective along with the main objective.

Investigate the Cemetery

After concluding the investigation at Davenport’s house, leave the house to see a brief cutscene and then continue on the road to the right to get to the shore and eventually reach the cemetery. Upon reaching the gate of the cemetery, a wisp will be wandering around which will go inside the cemetery. The gate of the cemetery will be blocked so attack the barrier to break them and squeeze through the gate.

Defeat the Scepters in the cemetery and then break the barriers ahead to follow the wisp. As you hop over the obstacle, you will feel an insight meaning you are near a ghostly objective. Continue ahead on the road to find the wisp and the place for the ritual.

Hark for Echoes

Performing the Harkening Ritual will require 3x Pyrite and 1x Seashore Candles. You can obtain the Pyrite from the crack within the walls of the cemetery but be careful of the enemies as they will follow you until you defeat them. For the Seashore Candles, follow the road leading to the shore to find three Seashore Candles.

Upon finding all the required materials for the ritual, go back to the ritual area and interact with it to perform Harkening. It will show an echo of Charles’s last moments. Watch the echo and pick up Charles’ Bible from where he died and the objective will update.

Find Charles’ Grave

Go to the road on the left leading to the shore and as you reach the end of the shore, you will find Charles Davenport’s grave at the end on the right side.

Make the Ghost Manifest

Interact with Charles’ grave and perform the ‘Make-Manifest’ ritual to summon the ghost of Charles. Conversate with Charles with the marked dialogue options to progress ahead. At the end of the conversation with Charles, Red and Esther will join in and the objective will update.

Escort Esther home

After the cutscene, follow and go along with Esther to reach Davenport’s house. Upon doing so, the final objective of the chapter will be updated.

Join Red at the Schoolhouse

Exit Davenport’s house and make your way to the bridge from where you initially entered the town. Follow the objective marker on the compass to find the Schoolhouse and then interact with the door to go inside. Once inside, interact with the stool by the fire to conclude the first chapter with a cutscene and start the next chapter ‘Death to the Dead’.

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