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Battlefield 6 will be set in a world war 3 setting and feature NATO vs. Russia combat



Battlefield 2042

According to these rumors, the next Battlefield 6 will supposedly have a present and current environment, but with a fictional World War III.

DICE’s Battlefield saga has been dormant for a few years, but it is expected to make a triumphant return during the next year 2021, specifically in the holiday period. Right now little is known about the game, except that it would be Battlefield 6, but its environment and what it would be about, although the latest rumors speak of setting during World War III.

According to our trusted leaker, Battlefield 6 will have a fictional World War III, a clash that would see the forces of NATO and Russia clash.

Apparently, Battlefield 6 will again have stories of the war that were already present in recent games in the series, as opposed to a narrative campaign for a player. One of these would apparently see a US army fighting Russian forces in American suburbs, while another would be about an MI6 agent infiltrating Eastern Europe.

Beyond staying in this single-player content, this rumor also covers the possible multiplayer modes of Battlefield 6, where some such as Advancement, Conquest, Domination, Grand Operations, and Team Death would be included. This online mode, in addition, has been said to have a 64 versus 64 player mode, something that is in line with other FPS rumors.

As for multiplayer maps, the leaker says there are three right now, one in the suburbs, one in a city in Europe, and the third in a forest in Russia. The information on all of this is quite vague, so in this case, it seems like something pre-made or even told on the fly.

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