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Cyberpunk 2077: How to get Johnny Silverhand’s weapon and outfit



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Johnny Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves, is one of the main characters in Cyberpunk 2077. Not to reveal too much: In a short dream sequence in the prologue of the game, we even slip into the role of the rock star ourselves and shoot our way through hordes of enemies with his extremely powerful weapon.

In this article, we explain how you can get Johnny’s pistol and his outfit in Cyberpunk 2077 yourself. All things are iconic items that can be upgraded and are among the best in the game.

This is how you get all of the Johnny Silverhand items

In order to be able to acquire all iconic items, you first have to play through the main story of the game up to the last mission “Nocturne OP55N1”, which you get after the quest Search and Destroy.

Instead of starting with the final mission, you can now complete a series of side quests to get dressed up completely. From this point on, be warned of slight spoilers for the plot of Cyberpunk 2077!

Johnny’s tank top

The first side mission is called Tapeworm. There isn’t much you have to do here other than have a conversation with Johnny and follow the course. After you have finished this, the top is automatically in your inventory.

Johnny’s sunglasses

After completing Tapeworm, the Chippin ‘Inside mission will be unlocked. Again, all you have to do is follow the story and let Johnny take over V’s body completely for one evening. At the end of the night of partying, you will also get Johnny’s aviator glasses automatically in your inventory.

Johnny’s samurai jacket

You can also get a Johnny Samurai jacket as part of the Chippin ‘In quest . After V wakes up the next morning, you get a call from Johnny’s former partner Rogue. Meet her outside of the Afterlife nightclub. She will surprise you with a present that is in the trunk of her car – Johnny’s jacket.

Johnny’s weapon Malorian Arms 3516

Just like the last two items, you also get the powerful pistol from the dream sequence in the side mission Chippin ‘In . Take Rogue to the Ebunike ship to look for Grayson. After you’ve defeated the boss, you can pick up the gun from the ground right next to Grayson.

Johnny’s pants

For the pants you have to go to The Glen neighborhood in Heywood . Look for the side mission Psycho Fan on the map – you get it after receiving a call from Sebastian Padre Ibarra. If the call doesn’t come at all, you’ll have to complete a few side tasks in the neighborhood.

In the mission you have to break into an apartment. Go into the bedroom and open the suitcase that is to the left of the bed: There you can loot Johnny’s pants.

Johnny’s boots

For the last item of clothing you have to proceed in a similar way to the pants: In the Charter Hill district in Westbrook you have to search for the side quest Family Heirloom – if it doesn’t come up immediately, you should complete some other tasks in the area first.

Go to the location of the side mission and take out the enemies in the parking lot. Then enter the office, because for the mission you have to look for a shard here. This is located in a locker, in which you can conveniently find the Johnnys shoes.

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